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Speed increase of DirecWay users...


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This site says I'm getting as much as 13Mbps down most of the time it says I get 8 to 10 Mbps, NOT..I test on other speed sites and when its 8M here its more like 250 Kbps on the other sites.. Up load stays about the same all the time around 256 K... I can tell this site is wrong cause my down loads take forever even if the site says 12 Mbps..Whats up with this? Oh yes I'm on Hughes at 80 bucks a month with a 9000 modem...

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There has been some other reports of this. not sure what is going on. speedtest.net fell though first and even HN test seems to not be working properly. This site is still running close for me because it says I am running at 5Mb/s down atm and Imy average speed for a graphics card driver update from Nvidea is a little over 500 KB/s or 4Mb/s so if you figure in the probable server congestion on Nvidea's servers then 5Mb/s is probably fairly close to right give or take a little. there is a thread reporting this on this forum that CA3LE is watching already, here is the link to it, go and report it there too if you would.


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I have noticed the test on this site showing very high scores on download for me, when in fact my speeds are very slow lately with HughesNet as well as very sluggish web browsing. Im not really surprised as this seems to be the trend with Hughes.....sell all you can get, worry later about providing the service? Last evening HughesNet tech support told me to turn off anti virus and disable firewall.....well today we will just file another BBB claim, simple enough.

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