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Offical Xbox 360 launch date for US


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yeah. ms deploys the 360 to 3 continents several weeks before christmas. children all over the world get it under the tree. and then on boxing day, the insidious bioweapon is harbored deploys, the xbox sprouts it's biomechanically engineered legs, boosts the power to its laser and bills bid for world domination commences.

you better not pout

you better cry

you better watch out i'm telling you why

x-box-bot is coming to town.

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http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4218670.stm  read that then tell me what you think..

"We've taken security to the hardware level and built it in from the ground up." He also said this was part of the reason why the 360 has custom hardware instead of the off-the-shelf components the original Xbox used. Interestingly, Mr. Satchell admits that he expects someone will eventually break the security Microsoft has included, but "it doesn't mean that it will work on somebody else's machine." I am very skeptical when hardware manufacturers say their devices are hack-proof, or at least incredibly difficult to hack; the hacker community usually bypasses security on these in days or weeks. The interesting difference with the Xbox 360 is that Mr. Satchell's comments suggest a method of security that differs among each console. How MS has done that I don't quite know. If that is the case, though, it will be a very long time before we see a 360 running Linux.


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