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take time more then expect


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That's sounds like you might have corrupt system files that are causing your system to run sluggishly.

IMO, it's not worth it to try fixing the issue with 3rd party tools. It would be much better to do a fresh install.

I'm currently going through similar issues. I installed Daemon Tools and something went wrong. The installer ran into problems and just quit. I didn't read into the fact that it would screw up the system. I rebooted, but when I got back to the desktop I noticed that there were not any virtual drives and that things were running slower than usual. Daemon Tools wasn't even showing up in Add/Remove Programs. I knew that I had issues (just that damn quick!). I deleted everything on my system that associated itself with Daemon Tools, but it didn't help.

Anyway, right after that, I was in the middle of reinstalling MS Office 2003 when my system locked up. I had no choice but to perform an illegal shutdown. After that, the system wouldn't boot up. Safe Mode or Last Known Configuration That Worked couldn't get me in. I popped in the Windows XP Pro disc and allowed it to detect my current operating system and then proceeded to repair Windows by installing over the previous version. This was all done through the steps designated on the disc.

I finally got back into Windows, reinstalled all my updates/programs that I use, but the system just isn't the same. The biggest factor is that I can feel the difference.

So, I'm going to operate off of Windows Vista Ultimate Build 5231 from my other HD until I fresh install tomorrow (hopefully).

I recommend you do the same (fresh install that is).

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