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i do not have a manul with this router...


Wireless-B Broadband Router  BEFW11S4

Right? kthk

Manual says it should be to get to your diagnostics/set-up.

Link to Linksys site specific to your router: http://www1.linksys.com/support/support.asp?spid=68

Here is the direct link to your manual:  ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pdf/befw11s4ug.pdf

Pay special attention to page 31 of the pdf document.

You need to uncheck the "Block WAN Requests" check box under the 'filters' tab.

Remember to go back and re-check that box when you are done with your testing, it is safer to let your router drop the ping requests.

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yeah thats it thanks, no its not ur prob for missing it. i just never posted why. it was like a month ago it said not pingable. so thanks i was just getting around to it thanks!

Alright now that i can get my ping and shit, Explain what "ping" does or Is. ? please :) :

You are welcome.

Now let me try to explain it.

When you run a ping test, you instruct your PC to send out a packet for an echo request (or ping) to some other device on a network (this includes the Internet).

It can be a server of any type or a router or some other active device.

This device will receive that packet then resend it back to your PC.

(not all device will respond, just like your router was instructed to not respond)

Your PC will then calculate the round trip time for that packet.

If it does not receive that packet back within a given set time period, then it will "time out" and show a lost packet.

A longer than normal time  period between round trips can be defined as latency.

This can be much more complicated, I am just trying to give a simple quick explanation.

Try this for a more detailed explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ping

Or just Google: define: ping

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