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Soul Seek Safe?


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I just started using soul seek today and so far I like it. From what I've read it has no spyware or adware. So my question isn't is it safe as far as bundled files in the installation, it's how safe is it like sharing files. Have there been any lawsuits of users targeted individually, or is your identity anonymous when you use soul seek. I'm just looking for some more information on this because I'm wondering if it's safe for me to share files.

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Well usually for me, it all depends on who youre downloading off of.  When I download an album I download the whole thing at maybe around 60 - 80 ish KB/sec which is slow I understand but its not like you have to keep monitoring whats downloading, you can set it to downlaod each track then leave it alone and it will be done in time.  I have found no way to speed up downloads from people, if you find out please let me know.  but as of right now, thats what I do, and I dont mind.  what you can do, if they are REALLY slow is just set a bunch of albums to download and leave it over night, in the morning it should all be done.

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