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HaloZero A great game


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I have it for PC...I love it...Got the expansion pack too..Special Forces...

I could use gunners for the Blackhawk, and one for the Apache..Love flying those choppers..

LOL the last game system I had was Coleco Vision..(lol its still in the attic w/ the games)...I just got into pc games recently after my accident..(had to fill my time at home somehow), so I pretty much suck at everything(my nerves are shot, and my reactions are sooo slow..Thank god I have a 30Mb connection)

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cool man i'll get some more pc games and we'll play a bit :D

I goto the mall around here and buy em used...They are in perfect condition yet 50% off..Got BF2 cheap..Gonna go get Madden 06 soon.. I only have Madden 05, Medal of Honor(and all expansions, except pacific assault), BF2(Special Forces expansion), and lol Age of Empires II(Conquerors)..Not III...I want to pick that up..The demo looks good.

Oh Sim City 4, Rush Hour also, but that is just a blackhole of time lol..I get lost in that game for hours..I still don't know why..

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