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My "Theory"

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Ok, I'm going to explain my "theory" on why, in the past 2 months, my cable has significantely slowed in the upload and download speeds. If you have the balls to read all this YAY! (sorry for the length lolz)

Two months ago I was downloading a lot of games, programs, and files on bit torrent. Being the nice person that I am, I would leave my upload unlimited so that I could share my outragously fast cable upload speeds with everyone :wink: .


It wasn't rare for me to upload more than a GB during the night. So basically, after I had downloaded a lot of stuff and uploaded 3 GB during the night I came to testmy.net to do my regular "Largest" upload test. The test took FOREVER, and when it was done it said my upload was 72 KB/s. I thought it was just a bad test so I tried again and again and it never broke 75 KB/s. I did the download test after that and it too was a lot lower than it normally was, so after testing a couple more times I thought maybe my ISP (Qwest Choice Online) was just doing some maintenance on a server so the speeds were a bit slower. I waited for my speeds to return, but they never did. My old download speeds probably averaged 900 KB/s, but later at night around midnight and later I could actually get over 1 MB/s. My new download speeds probably average 500 KB/s and I can't break 550 KB/s, so I believe that I am now capped at 550 KB/s down and 75 KB/s up. After a week or so I thought that maybe they saw how much I was uploading and downloading so they capped me a bit lower, and I was hoping that the next month they would uncap map again, but it never happened!

This is the part that gets kinda fishy. Since my ISP (Qwest Choice Online) seems to be a smaller company (overshadowed by Cox) I never see any commercials on TV or anything advertising what speeds I should be getting, so I checked out their webpage (tconl.com) looking for the advertised speeds. I guess I kind of found the speeds I was sappose to be getting. Here is what they are!


They offer 2 packages..... "Residential" and "Commercial". Technically I have the residential package, but I'm starting to believe that everyone that gets their cable ahve the "Commercial" speeds. I know that I had the commercial speeds before (whether it was by mistake or not I don't know) because I could upload at 250 KB/s and their "Commercial" package advertises that they "Throttle" your upload to 250 KB/s. The reason I believe that everyone with their cable get "Commercial" speeds is because at dslreports.com I did the speed test and compared my results to the results of people in my area with the same ISP. Here is a pick of the comparison.


As you can see my test compared to everyone elses is significantely lower. Some of the other tests had lower scores than mine, but as a whole mine are a lot lower. I think some of those tests were that low because they haven't configured their connection, or they tested while their connection was being used.

One last thing that leads me to believe I'm capped extra low is that when i start downloads they start up around the 1 MB/s region, and then after about 2-3 seconds they are down below 550 KB/s.




Most of the time I though that speeds increased up to the cap, and then leveled out there. I didn't think they started above the cap and then slowed down until they are below your cap.

There is my theory! Maybe I'm just an idiot! HAHA


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:) Yep .......most people will see a "burst" speed when a file is starting to be downloaded and this is typical of all connections even dial-up.....if only the "burst" speed could be maintained through the whole download that would be sick......my speed is faster at the end of the download because of my RWIN setting, and really its pretty even through the whole file transfer it only goes up a little....it seems to work best for me set this way......it is cool that you have taken the interest to exam whats going on with your connection thats really how most people have learned how this stuff really works....have fun:)

8) Microwave

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