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I jsut purchased Half Life Anthology a few days ago and whenever i try to conncect to certain survers it starts to load and its almost finished loadig and then the screen closes.  This only happens on some survers

384 mb of ram

amd athlon xp 1800

1.5/384 verizon

32 mb video card

I no my video card is crappy but i am able to play some times online but other time i am unable 2

Nebody know why this happpening?

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i would say buy a new card for cheap Im mean i have a old TNT2 that i would send you but the heat sink fell off and all out of black&red siclone and i cant find it and i runs all HL1 mods on my comp

also play more then every thing will be chached and will load faster most of the time its b/c of server time out

P.S i sent you one

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not true b/c i had a 16mb and it ran fine

I didn't say ALL games..but if you read the specs on alot of games, ALOT require 64mb and recommend 128mb..For some Yes 32mb is fine or even 16mb...

I am just saying games like Battlefield Special Forces for ex. wont run...

16mb is on the extreme low end at this point(for a large amount of games), and would not be excessive to update to at least a 64mb card..

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When did I say someone would play BF2 with a 16mb card?  I don't think I did..I said Battlefield special forces wont run(referring to his 32mb card).....

He said he was buying a vid card, and my personal opinion is that it wouldnt be a bad idea to upgrade..I happen to feel 32 is a bit low, especially if he plays alot of games...You may think 16mb is fine...Your opinion.

Am I entitled to an opinion?

And I do know people who have purchased games for which their computer will not run because their video card cannot handle it.  It happens..

ok isent BFS an expanshion for BF@ and your intilded to you opinion
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