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How much power supply watts are neccesary?


how big is ur ps?  

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  1. 1. how big is ur ps?

    • 100-200w
    • 201-300w
    • 301-400w
    • 401-500w
    • 501-600W
    • 600w or more
    • less than 100w(i hope not)

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the processor is not the major problem nowadays. the main problem is the graphics card, the newest ones come in at 200 watts. cd/dvd ® drives are fairly tame, hdds can suck some juice.

if buiding a new box i would go for 450 or 500 to be on the safe side. if using one of those monster graphics cards i would look into a case with dual psus.

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do a 450 or 500 one. or more. slightly bigger isn't that much more, and you can upgrade your system without having to swap the psu. if you really want to be sure go to the manufacturer websites for all the components and look up the specs and see how much they use. that will also tell you how much heat they put out, so you can plan the cooling appropriately.

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I have the Antec 480W neo power and heres my specs.

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2Ghz OC'ed to 2900MHz

2GB DDR 400 Ram

250GB Maxtor HD

74GB Raptor HD

HP DVD Burner 16x w/ lightscribe


Samsung 940B 19in LCD monitor

Soon i will have this alsome graphics card


Im getting it for christmas.

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