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  3. By the way, that progress bar is the oldest part of the entire TMN program. Original code. I mean, just look at this comment. this.setBar = resetBar; //doing this inline causes unexpected bugs in early NS4 haha, NS4 is referring to Netscape Navigator 4! That old bit of code is EXTREMELY hard for me to wrap my head around today. I struggle to make edits to it. I attempted to obfuscate (and minify, before that was a thing) the code but then ended up just making it hard for myself to understand later. But that base progress bar code is so slim (very little code) and does the job perfectly in my opinion... so I made sure to carry it over. There are two progress meters... but they're telling you different things. And I feel it's more than just % and MB downloaded. The original progress bar is so simple in its design that I think it gives a better feel for what's happening sometimes. I'm still trying to work the date range selection into the My Results on mobile devices. Just need to make it look right. Trust me, I want it there too. For now, the only way to select date range on mobile is through the Connection Guide or Hourly Tool. I'll definitely change the way the date displays so that it shows the month as "Jan" vs "01" --- I actually can make it display in your countries default format too I just need to connect some other logic that's already built into the site. I can make an array of countries that use "MM-DD-YYYY" and another for "DD-MM-YYYY" --- then have it format appropriately. I plan on making that part of the future My Settings page. This will change the date format to your preferred setting across the site... but will also automatically default to your countries preference.
  4. An expiring cookie would certainly help as this way if I leave the site for a few hours, I'll not get caught out like yesterday. Another thing that would help is show the chosen date range like what the Hourly Average page shows. For example, in the left screen above, it shows "01-01-2019 / 01-31-2019", but on the My Results screenshot above, it doesn't mention this. If it's not difficult to implement, I would prefer the month shown as a few letters, e.g. 'Jan' instead of '01'. Here in Ireland (and rest of EU), we read dates as DD-MM-YYYY. While '01-31-2019' is clearly written as MM-DD-YYYY, I would read a date like '01-12-2019' as the 1st of December, 2019, whereas 'Jan 12, 2019' would be clearly the 12th of January, 2019.
  5. Thanks for showing me that. I was working all night in dark-mode and didn't notice that issue, the default value was lost somehow. I think what happened is I probably needed to revert something then hit [command]+z too many times. I can't think of another way 3 lines of code could just disappear like that. I'll work on some kind of auto reset for the date range. That setting is shared so that you can flow between the hourly average and your results, querying the same range. It's caught me like you were describing before too... but then again, the old version did too. Maybe I'll just expire the cookie after 1 hour or something like that, do you think that would help? The setting would unset 1 hour after your last query... as long as you're hitting queries in the database the cookie will keep resetting the 1 hour time.... maybe even set it for a lower value.
  6. I noticed that the upload progress meter bar on the light theme shows a fully lit bar throughout the upload test. For example, the following is roughly 1/3 through a 12MB upload test: It works fine in the dark theme: For the date selector on the Average Hourly page: I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a quirk, when I select a date range, it does not reset to default when go to the My Results page later on, until I touch 'Default'. This caught me out yesterday when I was trying to view my test results and couldn't figure out why it was not showing the latest test results or even results from other providers I tested with. As I was about to report the issue, I happened to notice the date selector still had the date selection from when I visited the Average Hourly page earlier. This issue is easier to demonstrate in the mobile theme. On the first screenshot, I went to the Average Hourly page and selected all of January. This shows my January hourly average as expected. In the second screenshot, I went to the My Results page. It is only showing the test results for January, i.e. the date range I chose on the Average Hourly page: If I touch that red Default button, it shows all my results again. However, it would be better if it cleared the date range automatically once I left the Hourly Average page.
  7. I noticed you visiting just now, (very cool that you're still here) clicked your profile and realized that you had posted on this topic. Something I wanted to mention. Just want to let you guys know that TMN now employs what's called a Service Worker... it's pretty awesome. https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/primers/service-workers/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Service_Worker_API This enables TMN to work offline, obviously you can't test like that but you can visit pages you've been to recently. (put your phone in airplane mode or disconnect your connection while visiting TMN and you'll see what I mean.) One of the major benefits for us here is that the automatic test will now resume once the connection is back online. I had it kick in once on my cell phone under normal real world use and it amazed me. 😳 My connection dropped out right at the end of an upload test. I got the connection dropped warning, a couple of seconds later my phone connected to a different tower (I assume) -- TMN said "ONLINE" and the test then posted normally. A hiccup for the new version, would have 100% crashed the old version. I plan to incorporate more logic to make it log those instances to the database.
  8. I'm happy that you like it and glad to hear that it's working properly for you now. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about the issue!
  9. Hello CA3LE, I have re tested and the upload information from yesterday is now included but the day before info isn't there but am confirming it appears okay now. I am using Waterfox browser as with the later Firefox I was unable to use most of the extensions I had come to rely on so opted to go with Waterfox as long as I can have these extensions. Thank you for your prompt investigation and changes that allow me to use the new version which I really like. Cheers, Ron
  10. Yesterday
  11. Actually, it wasn't what I was originally thinking. What I thought it was is built into both version... so that couldn't be it. I think I got it. Had to build a different failsafe in. Browsers from your era (mid 2017) and older will now use the old upload method... with updated styling. It had to do with the upload progress method I'm using. It uses browser functions that weren't put into the standard until more recently so the old browsers don't know what to do. If you use a more up-to-date browser, you'll see upload progress now. But before you update, can you please test again and confirm if it's working properly now?
  12. After I fixed the last bug I had this song in my head πŸ˜‹ Another bug bites the dust!
  13. Thanks man, that definitely took quite a bit of debugging to become a reality. The db_search program wasn't originally built to query that way. BTW the old way with date and days still works for old links. One trick you can do is query any date range, then go up to your URL bar and modify the dateFull variable in the URL. e.g. https://testmy.net/memberstats?type=user_name&q=CA3LE&limit=25&dateFull=04-16-2019+%2F+04-23-2019 change to https://testmy.net/memberstats?type=user_name&q=CA3LE&limit=25&dateFull=04-16-2006+%2F+04-23-2010 I've exposed all of the db_search URL variables to give you this control and for easier sharing of specific queries. If I give that form field the ability to type then it will pull up an annoying autofill box. Especially on mobile, this was super annoying. So I have that field set to readonly. That Air Datepicker I'm using for that hasn't been updated on GitHub for over 3 years. It works great but the functionality isn't exactly what I want so I'm still looking for something newer. If you guys can find a better javascript date picker I'll be happy to work it into the program. Until then, I think Air Datepicker is excellent for what we need it for. Don't know if you noticed how you can get a wider selection by clicking the date at the top (inside the datepicker box) you can actually select a really wide range pretty quickly. You can pull all the way back to the decade. Select a year, then month, then day... click the date at the top again then select the end date the same way. Takes a little getting used to but I've become really quick at it, I think you will be too.
  14. One thing you may not have noticed yet is how granular you can get by using the Hourly tool. Once you've made a selection, click the link below the graph to only query your results from the selected host. So that tool also helps aggregate and query by host. For those of us who have tested under many hosts, I think it helps a lot.
  15. What?! Show me a screenshot! This link wasn't working until yesterday, maybe that's what you mean. I fixed that bug though and it correctly selects from the results page now. The actual link itself... is always 'true'. There is a variable on it but it's being set literally one line prior. Test it again and show me a screenshot. If it's really not showing for you it would really make me scratch my head. No big deal, I can just remove the variable... but it would make me wonder why that variable isn't being registered properly. That would be really weird.
  16. Fixed! Thanks for catching that... very odd error actually. It was a quick and easy find and fix though. Just not completely sure why that happened in that specific instance. It's like, even though I found the 15 characters of code that caused it... it's unclear to me why that would have been an issue. But that's programming for you. I agree. I don't think the majority of people out there will prefer dark mode all the time... but I like that there's an option now.
  17. @CA3LE I like having the dark mode option. Thanks. I noticed that on the Results page, the Light/Dark selector link at the bottom of the page isn’t there. It’s there on the Download and Upload pages. The date range selector on the Results is pretty cool too. The downside is when you want to display say 6 months of results, you have to scroll the calendar when you used to be able to just enter a number of days. Not sure if you can come up with an easy way to allow the user to just enter the number of days.
  18. With me, it's similar with running speed tests at night, such as while travelling with someone in a car or on a bus. Even with my phone screen dimmed to minimum, a white page background still gives off plenty of light. This is especailly noticeable when I switch back and forth between the signal meter app (Network Cell Info) which has a black theme and then back to TestMy on the web browser. This is where I like the dark theme. On my PC, I'm happy with the regular white theme particularly during the day time. So with me, it's difficult to say which theme I prefer most as it depends on the situation, a bit like giving my preference on whether I prefer the room light on or off. πŸ˜„ Edit: One issue I've run into with the dark mode is the Express Test does not show the progress meter and the percentage stays at '0%' until the test completes: It does this in both Firefox, Chrome and on my mobile Firefox browser also. The does complete successfully despite showing no progress. The regular and fixed block size tests show the progress fine in the dark mode.
  19. There are a multitude of factors that can cause slow speeds on satellite internet... Data allowance still in good standing? Is it peak hours? What about gateway congestion? A single gateway can be in peak demand for 12 hours or more through out the day as it serves several regions other than yours. Have you checked local equipment? Did the latest TV show that everyone has to stream air recently? Latency certainly doesn't help the feel. Looking at your test results, you only have one test... Much more information and data is needed.
  20. I am rather enjoying (more like love) the "Dark Mode" but think that the "Light Mode" should be default... Not everyone likes their first time at a website being all dark and gloomy. My reason for dark mode? When I have several computers all on and connected each doing tests through different outgoing gateways on the automated test... I tend to sit down and watch a movie, and white light can get annoying, but a darker screen makes it easy to keep an eye on those tests and enjoy my tv.
  21. Two of the closest / most consistent test results back to back that I've ever seen. Post yours. TestMy.net Test ID : S9qR~Hz4b TestMy.net Test ID : tqPmSnIyT P.S. You just need to post test_id's (TID) and I'll make them appear like you see in my post
  22. Hi Ron525, thank you for being a long time member! And thank you for taking the time. After looking closer at your results it appears that you're on an older version of firefox. You're on 56.0 ... We're on like --- 67 now. So update firefox. But that's not it. That's not how I roll. ...THANK YOU! I program for this. I'll adjust my rule for that function so that it works in your browser too... it's really easy but I'll have to do it tomorrow because I'm wrapping my night up. Basically, I'll tell it to use the old method in your instance because it's failsafe, we know it works. I literally just have to adjust the version number of firefox that it will accept for that function. Because I know that some of its methods are dependent on browser functionality released after a certain date. My research on those functions start dates must have been a little off OR your browser is literally on the EDGE of when that functionality that's needed to make that work properly was introduced. At any rate, I'll make sure to make that work properly under all circumstances. This is why your input is so valuable to me. I'd need a million computers to test a fraction of the circumstances you guys can do in one week. I'm not kidding. I can't do this without you guys. Again, thank you for taking your time, you're making TMN better.
  23. I logged in yesterday to find a new format, I did an upload test first but no results it just went back to the test my upload speed page. I have tried a few more times but still nothing, also none of the tests are showing in my logged results either. The download tests work okay with the graph showing after the test and are showing in my logged results as well. Edit; Have just used the old version and upload is working as it should be.
  24. Last week
  25. Please let me know what you think of the new design, experience and functionality so far. Include any issues you have or recommendations for improvements. Try Dark Mode too and let me know which color scheme you like the best. To toggle Dark Mode scroll to the bottom the TMN homepage and click "Dark Mode" -- (note: these themes will be carried over and connected to the forum themes when I start the separate styling of these forums.) Your feedback is very important and appreciated.
  26. Mister J


    Im a newbie sir. Please guide and enlighten me. Thank you.
  27. Nice. Thank you for the update. 😁
  28. Just ran both versions. Both were in the 70-75 range. Then ran each again and similar results in the 70-75 range. This is what I've been getting for months as I mentioned in earlier post, so both seem to report about the same now. The few I got at 100 was nice but perhaps was not real.
  29. Fixed it! The automatic upload test works in the new theme. Thaank youuu!! πŸͺ It's much easier on the eyes and my mind now I'm looking forward to further options, improvements and bugfixes. This is exciting!
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