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  4. So you want to stream up all the data?

    Is that 500kbps limit you set or ISP enforced? My ISP (LTE based) surprisingly prioritises most streaming traffic such as YouTube (and Netflix I think) during peak time. My monthly limit is 750GB, however, that cap is strictly enforced. Go over it and it is a eye popping €50 per GB, which I've heard people getting hit by. To give an idea of traffic prioritisation, the following is a YouTube "Stats for Nerds" screen playing 4K, which should be impossible at the speed TestMy reports on the right:
  5. So you want to stream up all the data?

    I've since added an additional 1000ms to each 100 packets coming through the pipe And dropped 1 out of every 100 packets.
  6. Here's Miami: ← Re-Test Download :: 73.3 Mbps 9.2 MB/s Upload :: 5.8 Mbps 723 kB/s Speed in Mbps206% faster than The Index 24 Mbps225% faster than the US Average 22.6 Mbps224% faster than My City Average 22.6 Mbps63% faster than My Host Average 45 Mbps2% faster than My Average 71.6 MbpsMy Download Speed 73.3 Mbps05101520253035404550556065707580225% faster than the US Average: 22.6 Mbps Speed in Mbps31% slower than The Index 8.4 Mbps18% slower than the US Average 7.1 MbpsComparable to My City Average 6.7 Mbps21% slower than My Host Average 7.4 Mbps16% faster than My Average 5 MbpsMy Upload Speed 5.8 Mbps00.511.522.533.544.555.566.577.588.5931% slower than The Index: 8.4 Mbps Your speed had a 84% middle variance TiP Summary - Minimum :: 48.28 Mbps | Middle :: 72.89 Mbps | Maximum :: 118.62 Mbps
  7. So you want to stream up all the data?

    Anyone thinking how much of a dick move this is, in the last ~6 weeks plus, I've not watched one movie, giving all I can, and still ignored. Time for a lesson in reality.
  8. So you want to stream up all the data?

    Ya know what I should be doing , is setting it up 56k old school, like we had to go through. That would however result in server timeouts I'm certain. Hell, the limiter is set at 500kbps now, where it's really not feasible to load much, but will stream youtube somehow.
  9. So you want to stream up all the data?

    ~10-12+ gigs /day got us here ISP charges $100 per overage , that would be the last couple days of the month. Silly rabbit, just bit off your toes
  10. So you want to stream up all the data?

    And this is what it looks like on my vlan with a vpn running
  11. So you want to stream up all the data?

    This is what it looks like on my vlan
  12. This is what it looks like when you habitually and consistently ignore my requests to stop chewing through the entire months worth of data by mid month. Lets play. I live for this type of game. Your turn. This is on a 50/5 window, with 250 Gigs/month
  13. Try the Miami Test server and see if you get similar results. And yeah, check with an Ethernet cable.
  14. Update: Well that was wishful thinking. Still crashing. Onward to contact Asus and see what they want to do. Just cant win in life i swear.
  15. I'm in South Florida, have Comcast Cable & pay $39.95 per month.
  16. I am in Atlanta. I have had four or five techs out. One had a tester and read 45. Techs on the phone make adjustments, change channels, and I get 35 to 40. A day or two later I am back to 14 or lower. I will check with a line. But if it is better, I will have to move my laptop tp that room ?
  17. Last week
  18. It looks like you’re averaging about 14 Mbps, and using the Dallas Test server. How far from Dallas are you?
  19. Here are more speeds typical for my hughes satellite gen5 new installation about 6 months ago, paying 69.99 a month, VERY rural:: Time Size Speed ConnectID Provider TID Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 7:31:33 pm US70.6 MB31.71 Mbps 3.96 MB/s618468398058Hughes Network 9AScfibW0share Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 3:42:12 pm US35.5 MB15.21 Mbps 1.9 MB/s618468398058Hughes Network UBNCMd3axshare Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 3:41:02 pm US12 MB11.46 Mbps 1.43 MB/s618468398058Hughes Network 7WvqOoANfshare Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 9:01:04 am US36.6 MB19.22 Mbps 2.4 MB/s618468398058Hughes Network UI97E2Qmkshare Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 1:52:59 am US12 MB1.17 Mbps 146 kB/s618468398058Hughes Network sP2JBoX9Nshare Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 12:23:43 am US12 MB887 kbps 111 kB/s618468398058Hughes Network q5z6UCZsAshare Wed Jan 17 2018 @ 12:20:42 am US12 MB957 kbps 120 kB/s618468398058Hughes Network wcMWqT19yshare Tue Jan 16 2018 @ 10:39:26 pm US12 MB3.97 Mbps 496 kB/s618468398058Hughes Network fXGSMOhgBshare Tue Jan 16 2018 @ 10:18:20 pm US73.4 MB17.86 Mbps 2.23 MB/s618468398058Hughes Network szxlW1ZVvshare Tue Jan 16 2018 @ 9:32:14 pm US70.9 MB18.2 Mbps 2.27 MB/s618468398058Hughes Network SslWYqEQzshare Tue Jan 16 2018 @ 5:38:34 pm US73.4 MB29.9 Mbps 3.74 MB/s61846842022Hughes Network VGDfUem5Ishare Tue Jan 16 2018 @ 11:52:50 am US70.8 MB36.22 Mbps 4.53 MB/s61846842022Hughes Network vfE08FuC9share
  20. If your ISP is advertising 50 mbps, you should get at least that speed in today's arena. Back when we were using dial up and older cable systems, speeds were not a guarantee but that was back in the late 1990's and early 2000 years. Now, with newer cable/fiber networks, fiber only and better technology in modems, channel bonding and other improvements, most ISP's should be able to provide the speeds the user subscribe to. You need to post your test results and inform us which ISP you have. Also, it makes a difference if you are testing your speed with a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer. Not all laptops and cell phones can reach the maximum connection speed like a desktop computer will. If you only get 20% of your advertised speed, you have an issue with your ISP and/or equipment. The best solution for remedy is to get the ISP technician out to your location as they are the ones who get things fixed and cut through all the scripts the 800 # folks are told to use depending on what words you use when asking for support. Sometimes, you have to make up something to tell them to get the technician out there otherwise you will get no place. Use some logic if going with that idea such as, "I see a chewed cable/wire going to the house" or similar but as long as you suggest something to them that is on their side of the modem or they will tell you it's your problem. Sometimes it is your problem so find someone if you don't have the know how to check your connections. BTW, when testing you must always use a wired connection to be fair to the results. Wireless is not consistent and not a great tool for testing.
  21. I am a novice. Not a novice to poor treatment by ISP's. I pay for 50 mbps. The price is around $40. Occasionally I get 14mbps, but usually I get 10 and under. Is that anywhere near the speed I should get ?
  22. iperf is working pretty well, thanks for the pointers!
  23. Router and Which do I need ?

    How have things been going @Saribabas ?
  24. PC Experts! Need some assistance.

    Been a while since I clocked anything windows through BIOS, so bear with me. Clock down the proc multiplier it directly effects the entire bus (likely not coming close to straining that CPU anyhow), set RAM defaults, and all fans full bore (including case) to eliminate any possibility of a hot Northbridge.
  25. Inconsistent results compared to other speed tests

    @mudmanc4 maybe not a bad idea - I think I have Dallas selected by default, but maybe some other ones. I'll post after some decent period of testing what happens. Thanks for the idea. @xs1 I don't get what you're saying. It looks like TestMy is showing results consistent with the other 2.
  26. testmy has always hated me.
  27. Looking for some ideas for what may be causing this because I've done everything I can think of... For some unknown reason, my download test results on one laptop has dropped to speeds from the early '90s (e.g., ~1.5 Mbps and lower). But only on wifi, and only on this one laptop. My other laptop, which is identical, gets speeds in the 40+ Mbps on wifi. Both are connected via a switch/router/cable modem to a Comcast internet connection that runs around 100+ Mbps when wired. FWIW, when I run the download test on Speedtest.net (ugh) I get results in the 40+ range, which is consistent with what I get on the other laptop -- and consistent with the "feel" of the laptop in loading websites. I'm definitely not sitting there waiting for pages to load. They pop! So it SEEMS that the results reported by testmy.net are incorrect. The testmy.net download test seems to bog down about 1/3rd of the way through the test, and then crawls all the way to the end. The user experience of the test seems to match the pathetic (claimed) results. BUT... anything OTHER than the test itself seems to work great. I've always found testmy.net to be a great tool for measuring connection speed, and it's always worked great on every device I've used it on, so I'm at a loss to understand why it doesn't like this one laptop. (Lenovo T440p, Win7/64, 16GB RAM, SSD, latest version of Chrome.) Any ideas? Thanks!
  28. well im experimenting with turned the ryzen 7 down from 3.85 to 3.70 GHz and the card seems a bit happier. Not quite sure why one would have a bearing on the other but well see i guess. lol so far pretty happy well check after shes run for a couple days. thats usually the test,
  29. PC Experts! Need some assistance.

    Well you know, I am a collector of tech items that piss off others, tell you what, I've got this Dell D810 running Slacko I'll trade ya straight up for. Seriously though, from what your saying where it performs great under load, have you tried to clock it up a bit, or fool with BIOS settings for the port?
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