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  1. then theymight have tocome out in the morning and flip a switch
  2. thers some kind of broadband everywhere essply for bissnesses
  3. i was 4.0 too and i scored high on iq tests, but that 141 is nuthing its slighty above avarage wich is 100 - 110
  4. intel uses like 100 watts compared to amds 89 and that means it disipates more heat no matter what even if some intel chips are cooler than others
  5. since when was p4 cooler than athlon 64
  6. i posted on this and you posted with ? so i posted back thats how it astarted what are you 12
  7. you did or you would be posting to me
  8. i was just watching my own posts and you posted under it, so i posted you back
  9. yea im not the one with all the hate
  10. prices suck, everyone save me some oil
  11. im a computer engineer and dont desriminate, im sure you have somthing wrong too
  12. gas prices go up and down, ant nuthing to it
  13. we all need to go electric and build electric sports cars if other countrys boycott gas for us, more for united states to have maby bush will bomb there gas stations
  14. jay173

    Xbox 360

    microsoft is a bulldozer that makes somthing profits then destroys there work
  15. no i mean when i click smartest is jumps to file to big for my connection only on firefox
  16. amd 64 is just memory controler a 486 had 64 bit memory bus but amd64 is half 64 and half 32bit so it can exucute symtaniusly i have owned intel and amd i love my amd, cause it is always faster and most benchmarks can prove that tomshardware is anti amd gotta have it to know but i dont think i will ever go intel agin, because there sluggish where talking about desktop processers here amd64 is cisc and itanium is risc so there both officaly 64bit archatechers theres no such thing as 64 or 32bit archtecher anyway theres cores wich is the archtecher thats just mmx simd instructions memory controller that make up any archtecher, but theres no bits to it
  17. When you run the test under firefox you get weird carchaters with your download or it will try to download a file to Large for your connection. i have 768 connection when i test it downloads a 2992 file or 5997 dude
  18. i split my connection 3 ways, would i put this on inpt or just on tv or cable modem i want tell me if it works its expensive
  19. gas is 2.70 for reg 2.90 for plus 3.06 for supream washington state
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