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  1. i did, now im getting half working half not 500 k works and 2991 works anything in middle doesnt or i get this :: Sorry, your score of 194519 Kbps is over TestMy.net's max of 90000 Kbps. I doubt your connection is faster than 90000 Kbps... Please RETEST Some firewalls may need to be taken down for TestMy.net to work.
  2. you still working on download thing whats the update addy?
  3. the download test starts at 96 now but after that it shows no result, its very strang it just isnt working for seattle users no result and failed test
  4. When i do the download test it starts with a 12160KB of data file for some reason. Im using a 768 download 128 upload connection, and that file is very big to download. Is there somthing wrong with the download tests ???
  5. you should expect alot out of 128 connection speed i used to have 256 only 3 times faster than dail up what says you need to readjust your attenna what speed you paying for i would go with cable as replacment
  6. of course, i dont know of any new router that alows ping inless its cheap or out dated, most linksys routers block outside requests in diffrent ways
  7. whens this pull gonna be up dude, admin?
  8. hackers hack around things and crackers use stuff like keygens to get apps or games free
  9. try the name brand one http://www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/
  10. could be that every time you reboot modem your getting a new ip what type connection dsl or cable? check your settings if you can what router are you using name and model
  11. Does anyone else compare there results to http://www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/
  12. i just recived two large updates but no major issues
  13. use wep or wpa if your using wireless broadband anything
  14. comcast sucks latency wise compared to wavecable in bremerton washington st
  15. where is that listed on the site?
  16. mine are slow and inaccurate, i wonder if there running outof bandwidth or somthing wrong with server connection
  17. yes i ment advertised speed cause if u get any faster thats great
  18. i get 768 down 128 up i remember my old provider didnthave a cap and it flucuated from 768 to 3 -4 meg i really miss that, wonder why they stoped doing this
  19. normaly when building large networks you have choice to optimize for one or other on newer networks i just find it intresting you know those isps that have high latencys but high bandwidth like comcast but dsl is usly optimized for latency unlike cable do to not sharing the head end and only the pipe like speakeasy does
  20. whats the fastest way to get a girl to have sex? now theres a challenge
  21. i get 256 down and 128 up thats better than 56k modems i game alot
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