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    T1 prices

    just buy bissness cable service for 100 bucks
  2. that wont do anything, but make them raise prices a shortage is same as not going to get gas its like old boycott french products yet most the products where made in america, we hert our selfs besides other countries imports help pay our taxes lol
  3. i would buy anything thats amd such as athlon 64 and mobo for it, asthere faster than intel in most cases www.amd.com
  4. jay173


    tornados are made of warm and cold are mixing and falling hurricanes are made the same way over water by more powerful winds helped by waves and current that was one sad situation for the people that get hit by katrina the hurricane i wish them luck edit: spelling
  5. Whats better ? www.qwest.com dsl 3-5 megs 856up for $34 www.wavebroadband.com cable 4megs 384 up for $45- 54 www.Comcast.com cable 4meg down and 384 up for $45
  6. nice lappy, im going to buy one if its not to heavy, gotta check reviews
  7. Your computer syncronizes time on time servers, same as nuclear clock, now its just those that need updating.
  8. theres 5 types of viruses macro worms trojen couple others
  9. Cable normaly has more bang for the buck, but sometimes dsl is cheaper, depending on provider and there plans
  10. What ever happend to the classic rectangle box ads on top and bottom of the page. those are still good
  11. I am going to andre nickatina concert instead http://www.andrenickatina.com anyone else going?
  12. everybodys got to pay there bills somehow, even if its little ads on side of page
  13. it could be rated by avarage speed and user opinion each user opinion could be 1 to 5 stars
  14. ok i have it, a file loads before the website loads,and it tells you in the corner of the page (your connection speed is : : )
  15. Im trying to make the ccfa well known and to support a future without crohns and colitis. You can make donations and get information about crohns and colitis at http://www.ccfa.org If you got guts, then help find a cure http://content.ccfa.org/site/apps/ka/ec/product.asp?c=hwKTJbN0JwF&b=308166&en=dhJJLRPyHbIIJZOLIbIHIWOyHhI0I5MGIdIOJ9PIIdJUI5MGKiKVI7MMKvH&ProductID=151535 Edit: Combined posts.
  16. everyone thinks good looking software is the best, but that has nuthing to do with security and speed
  17. everyone knows amd and intel are always slighter faster than latest powerpc chips, that are way out dated back to the pentium, kind of like a pentium 4 that runs half the clock
  18. considering pc cpus are always faster, the pc games will always be few times better in graghics and speed even using older cards in sli
  19. its about time i join theanti riaa, since riaa has violated my privacy just to save companys money
  20. check www.netcraft.com for rankings
  21. just ram that looks like a hardrive
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