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  1. Van Buren i d/l ver 6 for xp sp2 and got lots improvement in d/l & u/l. Strange is only my server able to open yahoo's mail inbox while my pc client unable to. Also tried hotmail always get same result. My pc client able to surf only. I tried ver 5 also got same result. Only if i disable firewall then all are normal. I tried sygate, mcafee, xp fw to no avail :confused1:
  2. First time i heard about this site. Well i tried to sign up and get a page not found msg, so maybe it's true.
  3. i tried to type Bali, Indonesia in Google Earth to no avail. I tried in maps.google.com, all i got was articles and links. I even choosed Indonesia's satellite, all i saw was the continent not the cities/details. :confused1:
  4. I wonder how can i add locations that not in US? All i got was the country not the state/region :confused1:
  5. When it comes to CableNut then you must call VanBuren sorry can't do much help 'coz i still trying every .ccs files that suits me :confused2: i'm still a with CableNut :D
  6. Hi MrProper, you mean you need info or you'll give info?? if you need info on tweaking, read
  7. LOL that's right stop buying ps2 games then you'll miss FFXII
  8. organ_shifter i always get only 1Mb of the file then it finish. I use DAP. Have you replace the file yet?? thx
  9. wew thanks for all the trouble to found the link i need cholla
  10. Ah good old LOTUS, remembered when i get headache with it's macro. Studied LOTUS at school for nothing. DAMN Microsoft
  11. indeed....sony really smart. They let their competitor release their product first, let games developer finish their project for ps3 and give little info about their product so by the time ps3 hit the market it will be a sold out just like ps2 aside ps3 will be much superior or not.
  12. ops...ic now....still its awesome to have 4500 active members which mean 4500 members actively helping someone's trouble and sharing their opinion
  13. Great thanks cholla. will check them
  14. My 1st was 486DX, 4x speed, 8 Mb RAM, 5.25" and 1.44" FDD, Quantum HDD, sb16, s3 vga card, wearnes' casing monitor keyboard and mouse. I still have 5.25" 's game for collection
  15. always ps for me. I really like the batarang controller design. Sony always have Square Enix, Namco and great developers to back them up with great games. [glow=red,2,300]PS FOREVER[/glow]
  16. np cholla, although spybot s&d doesn't work, i still have ms antispyware well as for spybot s&d, i tried to run it in dos safe mode, fresh boot disc and c prompt from xp still have not enough memory msg. the virtual memory in xp is located in control panelperformance&maintenanceadjust visual effect. It already set to "let windows manage my virtualmemory settings", i changed it manual to 4096 max still spybot s&d won't run so i give up using spybot Yep sygate really works great rather than mcafee, in my opinion. As for AV, i still use mcafee 'coz nav messed up my pc. I'll d/l STINGER, thx 4 the advice You guys are really great & I love this site already recommended to my friends The only problem left is my connection. Still not have improvement in my d/l u/l speed.
  17. Spybot S&D 1.3 didn't work too. Just like ver 1.4, nothing happen when i run it under xp. I tried to run it under dos and it say not enough memory. I have 512 Mb so how come i don't have enough memory
  18. heh? i must run spybot in dos safe mode?
  19. I have Microsot Anti-Spyware, CCleaner, Ad-Aware SE,MCafee AV, Sygate and Spybot Search & Destroy. Only Spybot Search & Destroy won't run on my pc neither in xp sp2 nor in dos...wonder why :icon_scratch: i'll try xoftspy...thanks
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