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  1. well it's not like you "play" online or going cyber, it's just book online. You pick the girl from theirs gallery and book them.There're lots of community / group in Yahoo and Google that provide this service.Not that i use their service
  2. I vote for Sygate and NAV. Wouldn't recommend McAfee though...messed up my puter :angry5:
  3. it sounds like you have a corrupt BIOS. When you start the puter, do you see memory check, processor speed etc ??? edit : does it connect to network or internet? if so, try scanning the puter, maybe your pbr was infected. Here is an article abt that http://www.mmg.vmei.acad.bg/peuwnt4s/ch29.htm
  4. well if you wanna know how many, just click http://vspx27.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=44352
  5. Now now, don't be so modest ca3le. You deserve all the credit
  6. Np, it's nothing :D I assume you're downloading from underground site ? if so try searching different url that host the file.
  7. Did you get the same speed if you d/l different file? If not then the host maybe down, too far from your location or to many user d/l from their server. Try using download accelerator like download studio or leech get.
  8. I live in Bali , Indonesia. it's GMT +8 :haha:
  9. Log created by AutoCheck.bat on 14/07/2005 at
  10. my isp advised me to go here. guess they had their ears full :haha:
  11. yea it's a good one, i really wanna test the knowledge i get from this site :D wonder why there's no new post in tutorial :roll:
  12. wew rank 1110 with "only" 71 active cpus
  13. it is...to bad it's still not has a complete map outside us...i really wanna see satellite's view of bali
  14. my dvd decrypted has a compress option for avi files so the size is smaller when i burn them to dvd. sorry forgot abt that :oops: will check them later.
  15. tvix is a removable storage. it's pretty cool though, can store abt 100 dvd and plug it to your tv and you can watch the movies continuously w/out dvd player, also you can use it for presentation too :D yea this dvd decrypted really is weird, it can copy to your hdd or burn it to dvd. have you try nero?? it can also burn to dvd w/ small size
  16. i use dvd decrypted ( bundled from my tvix ) with it's default settings it's so easy to use. just open the files and burn them into dvd and i get movies with good quality and small in size :D
  17. i really likes netscape before ie integrated w/ windows :angry5: ff is good either.
  18. thx, i'll try php then. btw nice website you have there :D
  19. I'm planning to build a travel's website but i don't know which script shall i use for secure transaction, cgi or php??
  20. wew i like the chair. it looks comfort enough to travel with
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