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  1. I was hoping he also slammed his cpu :evil6: wonder what the boss said when he watched it on cctv :haha:
  2. VampireXxX


    : :whaa: :icon_scratch: :violent1: :violent5:
  3. yeah he is a hero....made my upload from 1Kb to 8Kb although it was capped
  4. he used to be a norton's fan and now Kaspersky die hard :haha: but hell yeah kaspersky good....
  5. wew that's an old dog....14 years old....it should be retired by now so scary but won a prize ?? :whaa: hope i don't have one like that....what a nightmare :icon_pale:
  6. well i'm in Asia, Indonesia, Bali specifically.....in here other isp are the same...in fact isp i'm using now is cheaper than others....dial up cost USD 3 to USD 5/hour...crazy huh :haha: if i upgrade to 128/32...i think it'll be a waste if fiber comes in so i'll wait and in the mean time all i can do is enjoy my crap connection, make fun of my friend's dial up and envy you guys....especially Van Buren :haha:
  7. yeah i know...it sucks ...if i want to upgrade to 128/32 then i must pay double so i'm waiting for fiber to come in next year....that what my isp said
  8. I would rather have a t1...if i can afford it in here for dsl 64/16 i must pay abt USD 95 and worst...it being capped :angry5: still wait for fiber avail next year
  9. man...nice speed and it's not enough ??
  10. I used to have that problem when my isp decided to make their client's ip public .....i did a clean install and it always pop up.....your external hd has xp installed in it ? if you're sure that your registry are fine, no malware detected and i'm guessing you're using xp then click start menu, run then type services.msc...disable messenger service...hope that work
  11. mmm...maybe i should open a new thread with " PLEASE DON'T JOIN BEFORE SEPTEMBER 23rd " :evil6:
  12. I'm running KAV and KAH....all i know that Sygate FW is uncompatible with KAV same here
  13. :haha: another happy kaspersky's customer..... I use KAV to scan my puter and it only take abt 30 mins but when i used KIS, it took 3 hrs to complete......KIS take more resource than KAV, so i think i'll stick with KAV
  14. Hi ZeroOne....welcome to the forum :wave: huh?? so in order to reach 15000...we must past 14999 ?? :icon_scratch: :read:
  15. nah...i'm sure its sept 23....assuming 50 person or less per day :headbang:
  16. is this score real ???? :shock: and all i have was capped connection :angry5:
  17. ppssttt.....we can't discuss the details here otherwise VB might get scared and won't allow us camping in his yard :twisted:
  18. :haha: well if in case im out of stock then i guess i'll buy VB's :haha: anyway don't worry abt the noise, Van....i'll try to keep it down....we don't want to disturb the neighbours and make the host uncomfortable now don't we :evil6:
  19. well yeah i like french...but compare to sweden with hot chick and 100Mb connection.........i choose sweden :laughing7:
  20. so that means you like Swedish who is brunette and hot ? well...who doesn't :haha:
  21. huh?? who says it can translate it?? :twisted:
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