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  1. mmm....wonder if he really knows it or just using xp's calculator :haha:
  2. well if we can't rent a room......maybe we can camp around VB's house ?? Is it ok Van ?? I'll bring my own cable, pc and bbq grill :laughing7:
  3. Van if you plan to renovate your house....call me...i'll gladly help and i don't need to be paid....just let me use your connection for 1 year :laughing7:
  4. Hi pradeep7879....welcome aboard Read Sticky and Tips first. If still not work then try tweaking your connection using CableNut Generator. Just remember to BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST before tweaking. What's your advertised speed ?
  5. I really envy you guys.....wish i have that speed :angry5: VB's score make me want to move to Sweden :laughing7:
  6. hueee....that's why it won't work :oops: thanks for the tips cholla
  7. How do i count latency?? 'coz everytime i insert it in cablenut...it says the number's too high
  8. C:Documents and Settings>ping testmy.net -f -l 1473 Pinging testmy.net [] with 1473 bytes of data: Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set. Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set. Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set. Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set. Ping statistics for
  9. easier way is to use everest...it can tells you what hardware you have...even if windows doesn't recognize it and also it tells you the vendors' links so you can d/l the driver or update
  10. :haha: anyway congratz man i'll give you special rate if you want to come to Bali for honeymoon :evil6:
  11. When i had an unknown device in my system then i check it with Everest Ultimate Edition trial version. If you don't have the driver then try the vendor's site or a search engine or post it here...maybe we have the driver you need
  12. marilyn...just block the port mention by your firewall although if someone know how to get rid of this helkern for good, i'll gladly try it 2 days ago i did a clean install on my puter, messenger's pop up messages come out of nowhere when i plug the cable and i hadn't install any program yet anyone know where is this pop up message come from ?? so i don't have to disable messenger service everytime i reinstall xp....thanks
  13. i'm using KAV pro 5.0.383 with Sygate FW...at first everything ran smoothly...after a while...i can't connect to internet....so i tried to uninstall sygate and install KAH....strange..suddenly i can connect to the net again although KIS doesn't need lot of resource, it's require 128Mb RAM minimum and it's an all in one program so I don't need ad-aware and ms spyware anymore KIS and KAV blocked 50 trojan from entering my puter while NAV let the trojans in and then delete them ...so bye bye NAV for me btw seems i mistyped the url so [ftp=ftp://kav2006:[email protected]/]Here[/ftp] it is again wew modify button back online
  14. Well KIS Version has been uploaded to ftp [/url=ftp://kav2006:[email protected]/]Here it is
  15. :haha: :haha: Can't imagine that someone actually clicking the start menu with his finger :haha: that's a good one FallowEarth btw netmasta....that keyboard looks nice...where can i buy it ? :evil6:
  16. then i'll vote for The Return of Modify Button....before then...guess i'll stick to spell checker :wink:
  17. wew and i thought that it was my browser's fault so i tried all my pc to see if the modify button was there.
  18. odd thing happens today....when i open my network place i have 3 more connection that doesn't belong to me and give me full access to their folder :confused2: told my isp abt it and they said it was the user's fault for being careless so others can access their files :icon_scratch: my isp changed the ip address to open public so the helkern, lovesan and pop up things that were originally their problem, now are user's problem :angry5:
  19. I already said goodbye to my NAV's 2 months subcription after being attacked by helkern and lovesan......tried avast and i like it's web scanner although it seems had a hard time scanning image files on my puter. Guess i'll stick to kis and sygate until the attacks are over
  20. :icon_scratch: now that's odd.....i got that from my isp....better contact them tomorrow and see what they say....thanks for the info FallowEarth
  21. just replaced it with D-link DES1008D few weeks ago
  22. I like sygate....simple and solid :cool:
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