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  1. So what is wrong with this, that it shows this but not the image in an email? This is a screen shot of the mail! Thank You!
  2. I'm sorry! <a href="http://xs.to"><img src="http://xs100.xs.to/xs100/06193/ScreenShot22.png" title="Free image hosting powered by xs.to"></a> This what ends up in the mails!
  3. cholla, I did that but when I check it in sent items or web mails only the links are there. I'm not interested in a signature pic. Thank You!
  4. I believe I've formated the apps to do that, however, when I try it, using the code for imbeding images for email at xs.to, all I get is this in the mails: <a href="http://xs.to"><img src="http://xs100.xs.to/xs100/06193/ScreenShot22.png" title="Free image hosting powered by xs.to"></a> instead of the image. What is wrong with this? Also, in the thread on turning one word into the link, can that be done in emails also? Thank You!
  5. So what am I doing wrong here if I just want the link to say MSN? I've been testing by sending myself web mails but I can't get it to work. Thank You! msn
  6. My children (four) are only home periodically and that is the only time the network is broadcasting. It's much easier to have security turned off when they land. I usually average 4.5mbps download and for a while (actually the first time ever) last night it was like dial-up. I noticed the modem was flashing like a large download was taking place. Could have just been an anomaly, however, after I turned the network off everything was normal. Watching for the neighbors tonight!
  7. At the moment, just my pc and my field engineer son's notebook who is home between assignments. There are delete check boxes next to our computer names on that client page. I wonder if that would remove that computer from the network?
  8. I figured out how to do this (on a linksys anyway)! Open the router>Status>Local Network>There is a tab in the lower center of the window "DHCP Clients Table" which will open an "Active Clients page"! Lots of tabs and sub tabs when you open these Linksys, kind of confusing!
  9. Months ago, I used a trial of AMUST Registry Cleaner. It has been uninstalled. I've attempted to remove a couple entries left in the registry with several cleaners to no avail. I've tried to delete it with REGEDIT and it says it can't! What can i do? Thank You!
  10. accurate? With a clean cache, I'm usually always over 5mbps, even during high traffic periods. Here and most other sites, I'm usually under 4 during heavy traffic, over 4 during light traffic and only occasionally over 5. Am I really testing that fast at the frog or are those speeds bogus? Thank You!
  11. Can I remove the back? I have never messed with notebooks and don't have it here to look at. Can I do this? Thank You!
  12. Ran the test (3.2mbps), cleared the cache and ran the mirror (4.2mbps).
  13. when I run the testmy.net download test I'm always around 2+mbps. Observing the graphic during the test, I fly to about half way, bog down for a while, then fly again. This has been the case for several months. When I first started testing here I was always 4+ and still am at the mirror sites. Any ideas what is happening?
  14. Swimmer, what exactly does that firmware do? My WRT54GS works great so I assume there is no point in messing with it!
  15. I've been using the following setup for about 10 months now. I've included the ebay link for the active return amplifier that I use. Not sure that it is necessary to boost the upstream (back to your provider) since there seems to be a direct correlation between downstream and upstream but that is what I happen to have. I have a $10 Radio Shack adjustable attenuater that I have in line just before my modem on my desk. If modem levels begin to get to high or to low I make an adjustment with a little turn of the knob. This is just a great setup for those of us who like monitoring our modem! Hope this helps. http://cgi.ebay.com/PDI-4-PORT-ACTIVE-RETURN-CABLE-TV-SPLITTER-AMPLIFIER_W0QQitemZ5795028096QQcategoryZ39803QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  16. It was still monitoring, however, what is the point if the definitions aren't up to date? I have it removed for now. The only support is at the enclosed link and you will see there are a lot of update issues, although mine seems to be unique. My post is almost two and a half days old with no responses. It's about 10 threads down now! http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/newsgroups/reader/default.mspx?dg=microsoft.private.security.spyware.onlinecommunity&lang=en&cr=US&r=5037b5d2-c459-40e9-af92-1616c566e2f7
  17. produced a new trouble code that they hadn't seen before. I have a post on the MS Windows Defender forum for almost 48 hours now with no response by anyone. This is the error I get trying to update: "Windows Defender was unable to complete the update: 0x8007064c. The installation source for this product is not available. Verify the source exists and that you can access it." It worked fine for several days then I started to have some other update problem so I uninstalled it, reinstalled it (twice now!) and get that code that apparently no one over there has a clue about! lol! I removed it again and won't try another install until they get the bugs out.
  18. Swimmer, problem solved (see link)!!! I had Spyware Doctor installed for over a year through my work license because we check our mails from home. The license had expired and our company was late in renewing it so I finally just removed it since it wasn't updating. We got it renewed a few weeks ago and I installed it. For some unknown reason, my pc didn't like this version. I uninstalled it last night and when I booted, scan disc started by itself, remembering I had attempted to do it I guess. Thank you for the reply! http://www.pcbanter.net/archive/index.php/t-858457-chkdsk-big-problems.html
  19. I probably run the error-check in XP about once a month. This past week I notice on boot up I get this one second message that it can't scan Drive C because it's an NTFS file system or something like that. So I try to run scan disk and get the same message. PC runs perfectly normal by the way! I did a search and found a post from the fall on an XP forum, where a person had the exact same problem and a person recommended this entry in the registry: autocheck autochk *. I entered it, deleting the rest which stopped the boot prompt, however, when I tried error-chacking I received the same prompt. What the heck has caused this and how can I get this feature back? Thank You!
  20. Every time (like three times now) I try Opera I end up uninstalling it and going back to FF. I guess I don't give it a fair shot!
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