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  1. I downloaded Spysweeper (at Newegg $21.75 = good deal!) last night and did the complete scan before I left for work this morning. It found four files hidden from Windows which it suggested could be rootkits. Three were in GhostSurf (I use the proxy feature to post on a college sports forum, never use it's anti spyware or anti virus features) and one was in Firetune. They are quarantined now. Would there be any legitimate reason either of these programs would have files hidden from Windows? Thank You!
  2. get this diagnosis: "Duplex Mismatch condition detected Switch=Full and Host=half". I generally test around 4.5mbps everywhere (normally this is 20% faster than my providers average when I do the test here) so I really don't have any serious issues. However, if this is a problem, how do you rectify it? Pentium 4, Windows XP Home, hard wired to a Linksys wireless g router. Thank You!
  3. OK, just opened a "new" FF, minimized then opened another for a total of three web sites open. I went to 58,800k.
  4. I had 43,100k with two open. Went to three and had 47,400k. This was done by middle clicking and all tabs "up" in the tabbed toolbar on top not open in the bottom task bar. I'll try minimizing and open a new page and see what happens!
  5. What is Rx? I am aware of the better signals in the cold that is why I didn't understand what is going on those couple extra cold mornings. Her are all my values at the moment! Downstream Value Frequency 495000000 Hz Locked Signal to Noise Ratio 39 dB Power Level 7 dBmV The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading Upstream Value Channel ID 3 Frequency 23000000 Hz Ranged Power Level 45 dBmV This of course is Upstream! Status | Signal | Addresses | Configuration | Logs | Help
  6. Ok, thank you! Next question: several times so far thi month it has been below 0 here in PA and the reading has dropped to 32. The only time it has ever been below 39. What do you think is happening? I'll get home from work and it might only be 15 out, however, the ratio will be back to 39.
  7. Is there any significan't difference between a Signal to Noise Ratio of 39 dB and 40 dB? Is it even 2.5% or doesn't it even work that way?
  8. Not looking for help here just opening it for discussion. I will paste a description of the problem just to show an example. I have a simple page rendering problem, back rounds of all web pages are white no matter what the FF1.5 color settings are. "I tried every suggestion offered on 11/29 and 11/30, some of which were: create new profile and edit about:config. I eventually bailed and reverted back to 1.07. This morning I tried again. First I installed 1.5 "over" 1.07, white pages. Then I did a complete uninstall, removing program files, %AppData% files and using three registry cleaners, white pages only. For the two installs this morning, I even turned off all security systems, thinking that might be part of the problem. During all attempts SpellBound and Adblock (only extensions I use) were not installed. I'm back using 1.07 and all web sites are rendering normally." Crazy isn't it?!
  9. what this means or how to correct it. "Alarm: Duplex mismatch condition exists: Host set to Full and Switch set to Half duplex" Thank You!
  10. ss, I lowered the window to 170000 and my speed went from 4.7+change mbps to 4.5+. When I went back to 256960 it tested at 4.5 again anyway so any or all of the scores could have been because of traffic. Suffice it to say the TCP setting is probably not way out of wack so I'll just leave it at the default. Thank You for the reply!
  11. Did you set that max window size? I use the auto TCP program for max speed of 5mbps and it set my window at 256960. I'm wondering if I should set it like yours since it looks like its really efficient.
  12. I'm not worried at all. In fact, last august I got a four year warranty for $20 after rebate. It was a no brainier not to do it. I was just thinking if something crazy happened after tha,t if I'd need something new to keep up with all that keeps changing so fast. Just threw it out there for discussion, that's all. Oh yeah, I'd probably still be using Win 98 on the 94 pc if my small town hadn't finally offered broadband last year. Up to 5mbs now and we even opened a wal mart, life is good!
  13. That is when my Dell in home warranty (please, no wise cracks, 11 years of Dells with no trouble) expires. It is 2.8gh Pentium 4, 80g hd with 1g ram.
  14. The same thing will probably happen with Avant, but I'm thinking about trying it! Any opinions?
  15. http://myspeed.visualware.com/speedtest/speedtestjs.html http://www.auditmypc.com/internet-speed-test.asp
  16. download and 500kps upload. Including evening and weekend high traffic periods, I do average 4+ and pay $27.95/month including their modem. This is Armstrong Cable in NW part of PA. I think it is a good price but have nothing to compare it to.
  17. For about a week now, using test mirrors and other test sites, I test at around 4mbps. However, using the regular 2992kb test, the percent of test bar has been bogging down around the 50% area and all the test are in the 2mbps range. The percent bar flies to around the higher 40s to low 50s, bogs down for a while then flies again. I live in the NW part of PA, might be a route thing, however, like I said its the only test that isn't coming out around 4mbps and I was normally testing at 4mbps with the regular test. I'd think it was my sp if I wasn't getting good speeds with other tests. Any theories? Thank You!
  18. This link explains what they are (I think). Since the hot fixes are pretty old and my pc has been great I could probably remove them. Or better not? http://windowsxp.mvps.org/spuninst.htm
  19. If I delete them, am I uninstalling the app or are they used to do the uninstalling (I think some apps have uninstallers or am I clueless here?)? I think a lot, if not most, are Windows updates. As you might have guessed, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers. If it wasn't for being the father of four adult children who grew up during this era and for having to have some skills for work, I'd probably be doing something else now. Thank You!
  20. I turn off ZoneAlarm and then I'm able to get the updates. I thought I'd searched the problem and found that was the problem/solution, however, I may be thinking of someting else. That did in fact work for me twice already though. Good Luck!
  21. This doesn't seem to have slowed anything down. Have not really tested it yet! http://fasterfox.mozdev.org/index.html
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