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  1. Thank you for the responses, you've brought me back down to earth!
  2. I test consistently at well over 90% (probably 95%) of my advertised 5mbps during low to moderate traffic periods. This at a cost of $39.95 which I believe is pretty normal for 5. Now we only surf, email the kids, do occasional banking and shopping, some photo downloads from family and software downloads which always seem fast anyway, no gaming or media downloads but, I'm a speed freak! I see where our cable company offers 10mbps for $59.95. Since this mostly would just render pages faster, would I be crazy spending more? Also, for that speed, is that a high, low or about average price? Thanks
  3. I have a Linksys! Status>Local Network>Clients Table Relative To block them you need to setup security. My neighbors are far enough away so I don't mess with it.
  4. That indeed is the real issue! You can always use MS viewer or whatever they call it that allows you to open and read but you can't edit. I can install my work 2003 disc too. We were away a couple of months ago and my youngest daughter was home from PSU and installed MS7's 60 day trial which ran out today. I've offered to set up the network so she has printer access which would work also since she has office on her notebook. I had some compatibility issues with OpenOffice and MS Word when one of my other children tried to do some work a few years ago! Might install Abi and have the kids mail me some word docs and see what happens!
  5. Somewhere this morning at 4:30 I ran upon a link proclaiming it as the fastest browser. Something to the effect of 2.1X faster than IE7 and I think 1.9X than Firefox at rendering pages. I might try it depending on the feedback here!
  6. There is an update. We need all the help we can get! Just scroll down
  7. One site my connection was faster with it enabled, another slower, which never proves anything anyway with traffic, etc. I regularly test 4.8 mbps with advertised cable of 5. Theories please and thank you!
  8. I presume that is what the add means. In over two years since they took the franchise over I've never had one email from them, so I thought it was kind of odd advertising this "ZoomShare" deal. I'm actually quite satisfied with them overall!
  9. So, I get this email today offering zoomshare for up to four computers for $5, including the router. I've been using my own router for over two years now. The wireless option is enabled when one of my four children are home, which occurs over holidays and some weekends. Did they recognize that I'm already using a router from the MAC address? Can they stop me from using it? I've never seen a defined policy. Indeed, when the original Modem went and they installed a new one, they saw I was using a router, although their techs may not give a hoot! What do you think? Thanks!
  10. I'm kind of worried because I really like their firewall!
  11. Interesting way to check, I'll have to try that myself sometime! Thank You
  12. I'm compiling a list of startup entries my cousin can disable or remove from the Dell system she got for xmas. I can't find any information on this, except it's in tons of hijack this logs, of course they show all of the necessary things too. Since it is a spool driver I'm thinking leave it! Thank You!
  13. I just received an email from a friend who purchased a Dell PC just before xmas. It came with a free printer so he isn't quite ready to purchase an all in one printer. I don't know make or model, however, his question was "... that he had found the scanner drivers online, for Windows 95 & 98, would they work with XP?" Thank You!
  14. I agree on that one and no offense taken, however, despite the I am reasonably savvy about some things!
  15. Actually, it was kind of a combination of both! An IT guy told a coworker this, however, I do think it was a few years ago. It was news to me and since I listen to sport talk a lot at home, and never even thought or read about it being worse than anything else one does online, I thought I'd check it out!
  16. I just purchased one for $27. The shipping was $5 but the person emailed me, said he' stick $2 in the box.
  17. They already warned me if I don't attend I'll lose Off7 2/1 or 3/1, depending on if I did the technical refresh or not. Want to go through the door twice for me? lol
  18. Well, I also just discovered all you have to do is single left click anywhere on the page and those keys will work!
  19. Well I discovered if I double click (so as not to auto scroll) with the wheel first then they work!
  20. I mean the four arrow (up, down, left & right) keys. Page up and down keys don't work at those three sites either. Here for instance they work fine.
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