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  1. clean/optimize or does that happen every time I reboot? I'm confused on this issue! Thank You!
  2. Thanks tm24ns58! I'll mess with it after my wife falls asleep. Amazing how MS has all these problems all the time, yet even freeware developers can normally update their progs with far fewer issues! Took two months before Windows Defender could update without any problems. The irony of that one was that MS Anti Spy (or whatever it was called, that they purchased from Giant) was working fine until they decided to mess with it.
  3. To get rid of it in XP: Control panel>Security Center>Change the way S.C. alerts me>Disable Auto Update If they get this straightened out enable it again!
  4. tm24ns58, do you have XP Home or Pro. Apparently this isn't even an update for Home version (according to another help site). If that is the case I'll wait, if you have Home I'll go at it.
  5. Follow the linked thread from the Windows Defender Forum. There are a lot of really smart people over there that may help even though the issue is not with Defender! http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/newsgroups/reader/default.mspx?dg=microsoft.private.security.spyware.onlinecommunity&tid=2a816c19-917a-4f22-8d45-608106c8a402&lang=en&cr=US&p=1
  6. I'm having the same problem now for two days!
  7. Thank you for your help! Here is the easiest solution. I wasn't aware of "right click" dragging! "Even easier, you can also simply grab the shortcut you moved with the RIGHT mouse button, and drag it to your Start Button. After a sec, the Start Menu will pop up. Keeping the Right mouse button depressed, drag the shortcut to the preferred location, relaease the mouse button, then choose 'copy here' from the context menu."
  8. I tried that first, however, my "Send To" context menu doesn't show anything relevant.
  9. Instead of just creating an Open Office Calc shortcut, I dragged it from the start>Programs list. I would still like to have in the list but short of a system restore I can't figure out how to get it back in there. I did a reboot but that didn't work. Thank You!
  10. I see Staples has a 60GB Western Digital on sale for $90. A quick search found Walmart has an off brand 80GB for $80. If I wanted to spend even less, there are probably smaller and even less expensive ones. I have used less than 20GB of the 80 on my PC. I have never backed anything up. Since my adult children have most of the family photos on their respective PCs, most of the "worth" on my PC are passwords to accounts and websites, freeware and shareware (ZA Pro, NOD32, Spy Sweeper and ewido) and bookmarks. My question is: would I be able to backup all those programs and files on an external drive and if something happened to my HD, just reinstall everything off the portable? Like I said, I've never done a backup so I really don't exactly know how it works, although with XP, most things are almost self explanatory. I also don't know what can and can't be backed up. Don't you just hate us 58yr old pc illiterates? Thank You!
  11. Every few months I'll do a scan with my NOD32 and everything was fine like it always is, however, it did state that an Open Office file is damaged. What the heck does that mean? The few times I use it, every thing seems normal. Thank You!
  12. http://www.itnews.com.au/newsstory.aspx?CIaNID=33501&src=site-marq
  13. If you had used the beta they kept sending emails to purchase (same thing, up to three pcs) it for $19.95. The thing is, I am in the middle of really good stand alones: ZA Pro, Nod 32, ewido and Spy Sweeper.
  14. I just thought of something else. I've always assumed that software companies have your ip logged and that is how they provide updates. Is that correct? If it is correct, then changing the ip (the one forums log, i.e.) would not be a good idea!
  15. So I just tried this because I was bored. I could not connect to the web afterward so I just reentered the original MAC and everything is normal again. After you do this, must you go to your modem and hit "Reset All Defaults" or "Restart Cable Modem"?
  16. Thank you, thank you and thank you dlewis23! It worked great. I'm learning all kinds of new tricks!
  17. Well it changed it again a little. I did not post! After the " I only had </A></P> For some reason it added in my post. I've been trying this with Outlook Express. Thank You! The tags won't let me post correctly. I'll have to make a screenshot of the code!
  18. <P><A href="http://www.msn.com">this is a test</A></P> What is wrong with the above? Tried to turn the link into "this is a test" in an email, however it didn't work. Thank You! Well that doesn't help, it changed it (for the most part) in this forum! Here is what I had: <P><A href="the url">this is a test</A></P>
  19. Cracked the case! You also have format it to send pictures. In other words, you have to use both drop down menus.
  20. Hey gang, I've been beating my head against the wall for nothing: "I don't think you can embed an image that's hosted on another site. It'll just give you a link to go to (like you've already noticed). The only way I ever embed images is by putting the image on my hard drive. When you get to the point in your new email message that you want to put a picture, go to the Insert menu at the top of the page and select Picture. It'll give you the typical search box to find it with, so just click on Browse, find where you saved the picture to your hard drive, and select it, then hit Okay. It should put the picture right in the email." I did send some tests to my work account (could actually see the screen shots in my sent mail) from home but when I open the Outlook Web Access, the little image icon is in the body of the mail but it vanishes immediately. It may be some sort of security thing on our network. I'll have to wait until Monday to test, hoping pc to pc on the network would allow that if that is the problem. The home Outlook Web Access thing is very watered down, it doesn't even have an insert tab. Thanks again everyone!
  21. It is a cable company in western PA: http://www.agoc.com/cable.htm I tried this at work today on the state dsl network for like an hour with no success. I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong, however, I definitely have Outlook and O Express formated to do this during my attempts!
  22. I suspect it is just me being a 58 yr old idiot! However, having said that, I'll take a screen shot (I've tried both Windows Bitmap (*.bmp) and JPEG (*.jpg)), then host it at http://xs.to/. After you upload it you have a choice of three forum code options (I always use the first one), one link code and one email code to copy. I copy the email code and paste it in my pop3 client mail and send it. The problem is, it only ever shows the link to xs, which by the way does work. The reason I even want to do this is because I want to send a shot of an error message I get at work in Outlook to our IT person. I had a tooth extracted today so I've been trying it with Express since I was home and haven't been able to get it to work with Outlook at the office. I'm sure I have both apps formated to send images. I don't want an attachment or a link, just the image imbeded in the mail. Thank you for all your help!
  23. FallowEarth, I have had it formated that way and tried your code starting with<p, however, it still only mails the link as opposed to directly showing the image. I didn't try the code starting with <a.
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