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  1. I have not tried it. I'm pretty well covered with adware/spyware protection but I was interested in the supposed anonymous surfing feature.
  2. If you had the choice between [downstream signal level 0, upstream say about 50] or [downstream 7, upstream 44], which would you prefer or this an entirely moot point? I live in a small town without the greatest of upgrades to their cable system and despite speeds of over 4mbps during low traffic periods and despite upgrading all of the cable from the curb to my house, I still go to periodic upstream levels of 58 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I suspect that may be all the higher the SB5100 will record. In response to this, I purchased a cable amplifier, however, when the temp drops into the 50s, the downstream levels go above +15. I have purchased a Radio Shack $10 adjustable attenuater that works really great and 90% of the time I can manipulate the down and up signals, the point of my question. Interestingly though, during those 58 periods even if I amp to 17 or 18 it may only bring upstream readings down to 56 or 57. So what do you think?
  3. I purchased a program (GhostSurf, free after rebates) at BestBuy. It is actually a pretty robust anti adware/spyware/virus program, however, I only use the anonymous surfing feature on a sports message board since I'm satisfied with my other security programs. The anonymous surfing feature is the reason I bought it, it was a total auto setup as opposed to some of the free anonymous surfing programs and it works great. The issue I have with it, and it isn't a big deal, since I only have about six things in my startup menu anyway, is that if I've opened it and used it and don't remove it before I shut down my pc, it will always return to the startup menu. How can I edit the file or permanently remove it from the startup menu? Thank You!
  4. Forgot the link! http://cgi.ebay.com/PDI-4-PORT-ACTIVE-RETURN-CABLE-TV-AMPLIFIER_W0QQitemZ5744017069QQcategoryZ39803QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  5. Maybe! This is a long story. I live in a small town so the cable company probably doesn't have the best equipment so I took things into my own hands. My cable company supplied an Arris modem. For about 10 months it worked flawlessly, then around the beginning of July it would lose power (not signal) as the transformer (plug) would get hot. The new cable company replaced it with a Motorola SB5100 and I immediately began to lose connection. I ran knew RG6 Quad Shielded cable but still had some problems. I researched and discovered I could view my modem signal levels (All modems should be: Noise to signal ratio above 30, downstream level (from the ISP) -15 to+15 and upstream levels (from your modem) below 55. My modems upstream level was going up to 58 because it was compensating for a weak signal. I purchased an active return amplifier (I've included a link so you can learn about them, but bid on one, don't buy one for $59!). With it you get a really strong downstream level (any two way amp would work I suppose). However, then when it started to get cooler it was sending levels above +15 so now I've had to attenuate the signal ($10 adjustable at Radio Shack). Oddly though, some Saturday and Sunday afternoons the up level will still hit 58 if I don't boost down level above 15. This only occurs for short periods and I never lose connections. Hope you understood all of this and good luck!
  6. Browsing with FF! I have cable broadband, I'm hard wired to a Linksys WRT54GS, Windows XP, 80gig hard drive and 1gig ram. Should my connection setting be: Direct connection to the Internet Auto-detect proxy settings for this network Manual proxy configuration No Proxy for..... Automatic proxy configuration URL: Thank You!
  7. Suddenly, I have one IP when browsing with FF and a different one when I'm using IE or Opera. I first noticed it on a couple sites that show your IP and the verified it with IPChicken.
  8. I have an 80GB drive and 1G of RAM, XP. How much memory should I allot to paging? Thank You!
  9. Or does Crucial rebadge them for their resellers? The first one is through Crucial for around $70. The second one you can get at Newegg for around $50. Also, the 323834 (first one) can only be found on the Crucial web site, however, there are a lot of resellers for the 6464..... I did email Crucial with this question but no response over the weekend. Thank You! http://www.crucial.com/store/MPartspecs.Asp?mtbpoid=71EF1EC6A5CA7304&WSMD=Dimension%202400%20Series&WSPN=CT323834 http://www.crucial.com/store/partspecs.asp?imodule=CT6464Z335&WSMD=CT6464Z335&WSPN=CT6464Z335
  10. the name brands such as corsair,crucial, micron and wintec? Thinking about 512 more from new egg and it all costs about the same. Thank You!
  11. <snip> edit: What do you think about spam?
  12. netmasta and junkie PrintPunk works fine. Thank You!
  13. Off to church, will do so when I return. Thank You!
  14. Thank you for the reply, however, all that does is change the text size not the page size. Yahoo.com fits (without left/right scroll bar) when I change resolution, however, then it reduces the size of everything on my desktop including FF pages. I can't believe there isn't some sort of "fit to page" function somewhere, especially since everything fits when browsing with FF.
  15. I mostly browse with FF, however, I occasionally visit sites with IE. Every site viewed with FF "fits" the monitor perfectly, however, if I use IE some sites are much larger (complete with left to right scroll bar!). Yahoo is the perfect example. I've enabled and disabled the settings in Accessibility to no avail. How can I resize these web pages without changing resolution or dpi? Thank You!
  16. It worked! New readings 12 and 43. This is a good compromise for now. Thanks again dn0!
  17. Thank you for the reply! The reason I installed the amplifier is because during the evening, the upstream level was often 58dBmV. Actually, I thought I might install the splitter after the amp and hope the upstream level winds up somewhere between 38 and 58.
  18. Upstream is down to 38 which is good, however, since downstream should be between -15 and +15 what are the ramifications of it running this high? Thank You!
  19. My original modem transformer (plug) was malfunctioning periodically. I'm not even sure of the make. The new cable company came and installed a Motorola SB5100 and my speeds have taken a hit. I test all the time (it's kind of fun!) around five different sites and I've gone from high 2/low3mbps most of the time at three or four of those sites, any time during the day, to rarely 3mbps at just one, even at 5:00am. Low speeds were usually mid 2mbps. Speeds now while a lot of people are surfing are even dropping into the low teens. This rarely happened before! I noticed this immediately when I got home from work last night. Do modems have "personalities" perhaps? Any suggestions? Not a prob I could really complain about to the cable company, they'd think I was crazy! Thank You!
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