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  1. I found this in my back room, it was from a IBM Windows 98 Computer that we found here at the apartment we live in, just thought I'd share it with y'all.

    K6 (Model 6)

        * 8.8 million transistors in 350 nm

        * L1-Cache: 32 + 32 KiB (Data + Instructions)

        * MMX

        * Socket 7

        * Front side bus: 66 MHz

        * First release: April 2, 1997

        * VCore: 2.9 V (166/200) 3.2/3.3 V (233)

        * Clockrate: 166, 200, 233 MHz

    Resource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_K6

  2. I've yet to see any benchmarks between the two yet I've found countless forum postings saying that they are rather the same performance. Currently I'm stuck back on my old computer, waiting the arrival of my RMA 680i LT, So I was just wondering which will be better to run on this system.

    350W PSU

    Intel Pentium 4 - 3.0Ghz (Locked) x15 multiplier - Hyper-threading Enabled

    Intel 915G Motherboard - 200FSB

    7600GS 400 Core // 400 Memory (GDDR2) 16x↑ - 1x↓

    6600LE 300 Core // 400 Memory (GDDR) 16x↑ - 16x↓

    So which would you prefer, with the 7600 you only get 1x pci-e link width with the motherboard supporting 16x link width. But with the 6600 you get 16x Up and Down. I'm not sure where to turn, although the 7600GS does have GDDR2, which would you choose?

  3. I helped a family friend move this weekend, and I've aquired a floppy drive and a few floppy disc, windows vista installed using a newer file from EVGA only for Vista, so I went and downloaded the file at my sisters and am going to attempt it when I get home. Hopefully it'll work, I'm going to try RAID0 I guess, doesn't really matter to me, just want to try it out.

  4. I own a EVGA 680i LT I've looked up how to setup RAID0 but I need to install RAID0 drivers using a floppy diskette, theres the probley I do not own a floppy disc, and there for can not install the drivers needed to run RAID0 I do own a USB drive, I was just wondering if I could possible get some help setting up RAID0 on my 680i LT, if there was a way to install the drivers without using a floppy, and if so, I would also need to know how to Ghost copy my hard-drive, I'm planning on running two 250Gb HDD's but I don't even know where to start, could someone please help me through this process, it would help so much! Thanks for your help if you decide to help me!

    - Philly [nerdly]

  5. I'm trying to save a little money, and going to see if this work, going to let it dry for a few hours or maybe even over night. But I broke this fan about a month ago, and my case is rather hot without it, so I decided to go ahead and try to repair it myself, hopefully it'll work, but check it so far. lol, just trying stuff out.

  6. I've been faced with telemarketers for numerous years, and they have gotten to the point of pissing me off, I have found an online registration for cell phones and home phones, all you need is a valid e-mail to confirm you've registred the number, and should be a valid block for telemarketers for as long as you own the phone number.

    Simply go to this url: www.donotcall.gov

    Click 'Register A Phone Number'

    Fill out the form, with a valid E-mail.

    Click sumbit, click the link they sent in an e-mail to the valid e-mail.

    And your done, it's been a month now, and I've yet to receive any telemarketer calls.

  7. This is so sad, we make it illegal to 'search for oil'. One question, how did we first extract oil. First by searching, we need the oil, we need our economy back, we're slipping so fast with the prices of gas it's not even right. It's scary to think, what we would do when we use all of it, but that's not in the near future. With everything we're currently find the reserves and what not, it's stupidity that we don't harvest these. I don't understand why the great countries of the world are making the common person, work for them if you will. By spending so much money on gas, and groceries. It makes me wonder where were headed.


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