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  1. Well, it's officialy now. Along with Bill Gates, Windows XP is in retirement.

    Microsoft will still offer support for the six-year old operating system through 2014 but users are now forced to buy Windows Vista.

    Once computers loaded with XP have been cleared from the inventory of PC makers such as Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co., consumers who can't live without the old operating system on their new machine will have to buy Vista Ultimate or Vista Business and then legally "downgrade" to XP.

    Microsoft will still allow smaller mom-and-pop PC builder shops to buy XP for resale through the end of January. A version of XP will also remain available for ultra-low-cost PCs such as the Asus Eee PC.

    Source: http://www.guru3d.com/news.html#7259

    Offical.... :cry2:

  2. I just switched modems from the one I was leasing to one I own, but I believe they may have messed up the numbers for my advertised speeds. Currently I'm getting 3.9 Mbps (477 kB/s). And I'm paying for 5/512, What should I do call back and switch back, or call back and get them to upload my 5/512 file again?

    Motorola SURFboard SB5120

    Downstream  Value

    Frequency  687000000 Hz

    Signal to Noise Ratio 36 dB

    QAM QAM256

    Network Access Control Object ON

    Power Level 3 dBmV 

    Upstream Value

    Channel ID 1

    Frequency 30000000 Hz

    Ranging Service ID 913

    Symbol Rate 2.560 Msym/s

    Power Level 46 dBmV

    No tweaks using Cablenut or TCP Optimizer.


  3. First completely clean your computer of anything spyware related, viruses, trojans, malware, anything along those lines. Then if you can not achieve your advertised speeds call Roadrunner, and complain that your not getting your advertised speed. If this still does not help your speeds or if by testing your Freq, they find nothing or no problem, bring the modem in & or replace your modem with a purchased modem. I always found that my modem worked better, because I kept getting only pre-used modems. I like having my own, as I don't have to pay to lease the modem. Anyways try these steps, you might be getting a new if not newer modem.

    Hmph I see your only your second modem, I would ask them to test your cable connection from where ever the connection is to your house, and within your house. I had a cable that was basically eaten through, bad apartment, have them test where ever you live and see if that could be a factor. Hope this helps, I never could achieve over 14 megs from roadrunner and I was on that same plan, only in New York. Peace.  [geek-small]

  4. No, I'd say their only doing whats in the best interest for them. They want the money, I.E. making buyers pay more for an operating system. Their after the money, and I don't blame them.

    Although I'd really like XP to continue, it's all the in the best interest of the company.


  5. Tale in national spotlight, thanks to Clinton

    All of a sudden, seems as if everybody's talking about Barack Obama and Tony Rezko. Even Jay Leno.

    Rezko already was a big story in Chicago, accused of influence-peddling in the Blagojevich administration and set to face trial Feb. 25.

    But Monday, he became national news -- and an issue in the presidential race. That's when Hillary Clinton blasted Obama for having represented "your contributor, Rezko, in his slum landlord business in inner-city Chicago."

    Having a hard time keeping track of the facts? Here are eight things to know:

    1. They met in 1990. Obama was a student at Harvard Law School and got an unsolicited job offer from Rezko, then a low-income housing developer in Chicago. Obama turned it down.

    2. Obama took a job in 1993 with a small Chicago law firm, Davis Miner Barnhill, that represents developers -- primarily not-for-profit groups -- building low-income housing with government funds.

    3. One of the firm's not-for-profit clients -- the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., co-founded by Obama's then-boss Allison Davis -- was partners with Rezko's company in a 1995 deal to convert an abandoned nursing home at 61st and Drexel into low-income apartments. Altogether, Obama spent 32 hours on the project, according to the firm. Only five hours of that came after Rezko and WPIC became partners, the firm says. The rest of the future senator's time was helping WPIC strike the deal with Rezko. Rezko's company, Rezmar Corp., also partnered with the firm's clients in four later deals -- none of which involved Obama, according to the firm. In each deal, Rezmar "made the decisions for the joint venture," says William Miceli, an attorney with the firm.

    4. In 1995, Obama began campaigning for a seat in the Illinois Senate. Among his earliest supporters: Rezko. Two Rezko companies donated a total of $2,000. Obama was elected in 1996 -- representing a district that included 11 of Rezko's 30 low-income housing projects.

    5. Rezko's low-income housing empire began crumbling in 2001, when his company stopped making mortgage payments on the old nursing home that had been converted into apartments. The state foreclosed on the building -- which was in Obama's Illinois Senate district.

    6. In 2003, Obama announced he was running for the U.S. Senate, and Rezko -- a member of his campaign finance committee -- held a lavish fund-raiser June 27, 2003, at his Wilmette mansion.

    7. A few months after Obama became a U.S. senator, he and Rezko's wife, Rita, bought adjacent pieces of property from a doctor in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood -- a deal that has dogged Obama the last two years. The doctor sold the mansion to Obama for $1.65 million -- $300,000 below the asking price. Rezko's wife paid full price -- $625,000 -- for the adjacent vacant lot. The deals closed in June 2005. Six months later, Obama paid Rezko's wife $104,500 for a strip of her land, so he could have a bigger yard. At the time, it had been widely reported that Tony Rezko was under federal investigation. Questioned later about the timing of the Rezko deal, Obama called it "boneheaded" because people might think the Rezkos had done him a favor.

    8. Eight months later -- in October 2006 -- Rezko was indicted on charges he solicited kickbacks from companies seeking state pension business under his friend Gov. Blagojevich. Federal prosecutors maintain that $10,000 from the alleged kickback scheme was donated to Obama's run for the U.S. Senate. Obama has given the money to charity.

    Tim Novak

    Source: http://www.suntimes.com/news/watchdogs/757340,CST-NWS-watchdog24.article

    lmfao, does this ever stop? I mean really... [geek-small]

  6. Selected users testing chat, activity streaming and expanded interface for iGoogle gadgets

      Google Inc. has quietly begun limited testing of several new social features created for its iGoogle personalized start page. The updates include chat, activity streaming and a new interface for the gadgets offered on the start page.

    Google plans to expand the rollout of the updated start page next month.

    The new expanded iGoogle interface, called Canvas, holds the various iGoogle gadgets for users. In May 2007, Google renamed its personalized start page iGoogle and added support for a variety of gadgets that users can tap to customize the pages.

    Developers can take advantage of the Canvas interface to display more information and make their gadgets more interactive, noted Ionut Alex Chitu, a blogger at Google Operating System, a blog site that follows Google activities.

    "The new iGoogle places the tabs on the left-hand side of the page, and you can expand the tabs to see the list of gadgets and status information, like the number of unread Gmail messages," Chitu noted. "There's a new chat feature borrowed from Gmail that lets you chat with your contacts while visiting iGoogle. That means iGoogle gets a sense of presence because you'll know when your contacts are online. Since the chat feature will be enabled by default, it's obvious that Google will be able to add options for sharing items and discussing posts with the contacts that are online."

    Now that the site has added the new features, Google has gone further down the path of transforming iGoogle into a social site, Chitu added. Once Google provides support for the open standard OpenSocial in iGoogle -- later this summer, according to the company -- the transformation to a social site "will be complete," the blogger noted.

    OpenSocial is a set of APIs spawned by Google and partner MySpace Inc. to allow developers to write applications that can be easily run across different social networking sites with limited customization.

    Mashable blogger Kristen Nicole noted that up until now, Gmail was the closest thing the Google suite has to a "functional portal" where users could manage all Google applications.

    "But the upcoming iGoogle start page is really going to be a very social portal that makes sharing easy, by way of Google Reader items, chat, and activity streams that keep you connected across the board," she noted. "Creating a hub for OpenSocial apps that reach across a number of social networking platforms will also be an interesting aspect of the new iGoogle start page that most application creators will want to take advantage of for outreach and broadcasting purposes."


    Fixed your quote :)

    Thank you

  7. By contrast, Safari for Windows is 'extremely poor' in managing memory

    Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox 3.0 browser uses memory much more efficiently than its rivals, according to an independent tester who wrote a memory-monitoring utility to track usage by Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Flock, Opera and Safari.

    In a lengthy post to his Web site, .Net developer Sam Allen spelled out the data he collected from the "Memory Watcher" application he wrote specifically to track Web browser memory use.

    Although Allen acknowledged that the testing was unscientific -- he ran each browser between 2.69 hours and 2.91 hours, for instance, and didn't claim to have visited the exact same pages with each -- he claimed that the trend lines drawn by Memory Watcher were valid. The results, he said, "Are not a direct comparison in any way, but they offer a visualization of trending in the memory behavior of the layout engines and interfaces."

    Firefox 3.0 was the clear winner, not only because it used the least amount of memory of any of the tested browsers, but its memory use didn't noticeably grow over time. "This browser exhibits memory usage that is by far lower than the others," Allen said of Firefox 3.0. "It releases memory to the system and the trend line is nearly flat."

    The poorest marks went to Apple Inc.'s Safari 3.1 for Windows -- Allen tested only the Windows versions of each browser -- which consistently consumed more memory the longer it was used. "Safari on Windows shows extremely poor memory management," he said.

    Other browsers, including Microsoft Corp.'s IE 8 Beta 1, Flock Inc.'s Flock 2.0 and Opera Software ASA's Opera 9.5, were in the middle, memory management-wise, he argued. While their memory use crept up over time, the increase was much more gradual than Safari's. "IE did well ... although a worrying trend in the data could indicate that it[s memory usage] would keep escalating," Allen said.

    Browsers are regularly dinged for "memory leaks," the term used to describe the increase in memory use the longer an application is used. In some cases, the memory load becomes big enough to degrade the overall performance of some computers.

    Older versions of Firefox, including Firefox 2.0, for example, were assailed for rampant memory leaks, criticism that drove Mozilla to reduce the browser's memory footprint in the just-released Firefox 3.0.

    Allen did not immediately reply to an e-mail Friday asking for further comment on his memory tests.


  8. Online would probably be the best, if you don't want to move lol. (or pay extra)

    I've found ordering online, saves me money. But for something this small I don't see it making a difference.

    If you can find it in store, buy it, but if you can't I'd order it online and get it shipped to my house.

  9. Time for a low watt processor for all the new hardware starting to shine, why not the new Atom line coming into the light in Q3 of 2008. With all the new hype of the MiniPC's and hand held pc's we need some kind of low power draw processing, check the spec's!

    If you've been keeping up on the launch of Intel's dual-core Atom 330 processor, we have a couple little extra nubbins for you to chew on this evening. We already know that the Atom 330 will clock in at 1.6GHz, but that 1MB of cache will be split amongst the two processors. Additionally, we're looking at a 533MHz FSB, 64-bit processing (no real surprise there), and a peak TDP of only 8W, which should be just perfect for those mini PC's that rely on passive cooling. Look for a release in Q3 of 2008, most likely packed inside those Wind PCs.


    Fixed your quote :)

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