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  1. you can check your ipv6 at this site http://www.kame.net
  2. my smartbro using ipv6 http://smartbro.dns6.org.ipv4.sixxs.org/
  3. I checked my canopy firmware version but it reverted to from 8.x to 8.0 and my other settings like they change connection to 10Mbps half duplex, if I change it to 100Mbps I can't connect to canopy configuration and also I don't have connection to internet... I think they change the AP's to accept only 10Mbps AP <-->SM. it means that SMART can change our canopy settings... I suggest let smart update your canopy.. but if you want.. Download CNUT and firmware at canopywireless.com if your canopy can be accessed at set your tcp/ip to load the firmware in CNUT Note: please read the CNUT manual first.(HOW TO) but again... let smart update your canopy..
  4. http://smartbro.dns6.org.ipv4.sixxs.org/ my testing site using smart
  5. peer guardian 2 (IP Blocker) :grin2: :grin2:
  6. awwww... actually you can update the firmware from your end... mine was already v8.151 anyway good luck too hehehe
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