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  1. Yep, no big deal: DFI UT LP nF3 250GB mobo w/ onboard 8 chan audio. Altec/Lansing desktop spkrs, RCA cordless headphones. Standard microphone Onboard nVidia network controller (gigabit LAN). MS XP Pro, SP2. AMD64 2800+ @ 1863MHz, stock heatsink and fan (33C). 2 X 512MB Corsair DDR PC3200 memory, 2.5-3-3-8. 3 HDDs, all Seagate 7200rpm Barricudas, 2 SATA, 1 IDE w/ IDE/SATA converter 220GB total space. Rosewill nVidia geForce 6200/256DDR video card w/ TV out (DVI and S-video) Cornea MP704 17" LCD monitor. LiteOn 52x CDRW (IDE I/F) LG 16x DVDRW (IDE/SATA converter I/F) Floppy (still) Rosewill 450W, 2 fan power supply. Black full tower case with side port for CPU cooling. Logitech cordless optical mouse Logitech Elite keyboard Logitech QuickCam Express. Epson 1240U flatbed scanner. Canon Pixma 2000 printer SMC 7004ABR router w/ NAT. APC 500W UPS 56K V.92 modem (just in case) Wildblue satellite ISP, 1500/256. This rig works well and is quite fast, although not the fastest by a long shot. PCpitstop.com score = 1600. ....good enough for me.
  2. ....had D'way DW-4000 for a year a couple of years ago. I NEVER saw any DL speed above 1.2Mbits/s; the average DL was 350Kbits/s.
  3. Read that as 400 kilobits per second or 50 kilobytes per second.
  4. Got Wildblue recently....speed down is regularly 200KBytes/s and speed up around 28KBytes/s. Down load burst speed has been as high as 375KBytes/s. For satellite service the speeds are pretty good. Latency is regularly around 600msec. These values are for the most expensive service package offered.
  5. I can't argue with that...if an entity buys bulk drives from Seagate, some sort of warranty would be implied and serviced by either that entity or Seagate.
  6. Looks like some @#[email protected]#$%!! has stung you with TCP Flooding. The connection request is sent from a spoofed address and before the ACK can be sent another request to another spoofed addr is sent. Your PC works itself to a nub trying to comply with all the requests and it never gets any return confirmations since they don't exist.. Eventually your mem gets loaded and the system gets locked up. From what I've seen the trick doesn't cause any permanent harm when all is reset. I wish these hacker SOBs, spammers and virus makers would get lives!!
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