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  1. Sorry, your score of 67488 Kbps is over TestMy.net's max of 60000 Kbps. It is very doubtful your connection is faster than 60000 Kbps... Please RETEST i cant use the test? lol.. the first thing I did
  2. Maybe someone would release a theme that made it look like Vista or XP at just stands out atm.
  3. Sorry I take it all back
  4. Maybe one of you News Anchors can write up a story about this?
  5. @Swimmer, He only gets cached resulrs when he uses the 32767k file..
  6. well he will have to remember where it is first.. it keeps on moving from Chicago to UK then Chicago..
  7. how about small B's bytes kilobytes I think it will be KO before they get to Gigabytes
  8. It would be funny Both throwing Bits and Bytes at each other hahah!
  9. Coming to think of it, 100Mb or whatever it is you have? Is there any use of it? Most sites servers are on 10Mb links or 100Mbs (not alot if you think about it) and those extreme business ones with GBs If you had around ~20 Computers on and hosting a few games.. Then I see the point.. Its pathetic people moaning over speed, When you cant use it properly - Which brings me to, http://www.testmy.net/t-19716
  10. Sorry, But even ServerPronto, If they are in Chicago, It would cost $$$ running Fibre all the way to the UK! Even though the link is there, No-one would open it for free! lol @ bt.com, Been there done that Actually.. I would love to see your setup? Maybe you could post some pictures.. lol @ tim, your last server showed up in chicago.. man, choose where your basement is
  11. No, Because you couldnt call that a proper net connection though, It is, But it isnt.. It should only count if any tom-dick and harry could sign up like that.
  12. OK Stream is down now.. Probably back tomorrow after I PM Cable. Most probably will say no because of royalties and stuff!
  13. great.. I actually like doing this.. iv played a mix of songs.. rop.. hip-hop.. rnb.. emo.. goth.. trying to mix it together.. So I think its proven that everyone could connect and listen in apart from that little glitch at the start.. 96k bitrate seems fine and hasnt slowed down at my end either..
  14. wow.. we kinda have something in common.. I like Emo music which is sorta like Hard Rock
  15. Yeah.. I kinda giving him some breathing space.... I been spamming him about setting up a speedtest mirror but be been busy.. lol.. Its the same stuff thats in HMV.. But suppose its all diff in USA.. Are the songs really that bad?
  16. Do you think we will be allowed to have a proper TMN Radio.. As I really like this idea.. hopefully keep more people active on the forum..?
  17. sorry about the selection on tunes.. its just a few random ones i picked out into a playlist.
  18. try opening that >> in WMP or equiv..? Just a darn way anoyyed it doesnt work
  19. Sorry, Just disconnected the connection and restarted.. Could we all test again.. Works on localhost and on another computer
  20. could we all try again now.. dunno why it didnt work..
  21. Dont know if one exists.. But I think it will be great.. Im running a test stream on; << Open that in your browser.. Dunno if this is allowed, If it isnt, Just delete this and PM me please..
  22. You have got too much money to waste lol.. Where is my PayPal link lmao! But because that speed isnt from a real ISP, That everyone else can just get, That shouldnt could.. :envy:
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