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  1. maybe you're talking about APs? my location is south of the base station 2009 feet away. i know its the basestation coz its a tower of smart. it contains 6 APs (6X60=360degrees) . 3 of which i can switch to. if you're really talking about basestations, then you have to redirect/realign your canopy, hoping to find other basestations.
  2. @justinlay im just wondering what type of equipment your ISP is using. here in the philippines, our ISP uses motorola canopy.
  3. try sothink web video downloader... free to try for 30 days... it can download any embedded video on any site (based on my experience)
  4. if you ask me thats not slow at all... hehehe... whats the advertised speed?
  5. its ok now... i can log in now... thanks po!
  6. yes im using a proxy (proxy.meridian.ph) port 8080. i always use this proxy because its necessary for us to have a faster connection. when not using the proxy, our connection olny averages about 150Kbps.i tried to log in without the proxy and it worked. i didn't anymore see the message: "Sorry Guest, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum. We are courteous here. If you cannot follow the rules dont come back. " well i guess all smartbro subscribers are affected by this if they are using the proxy. maybe someone had been IP banned but the IP that was b
  7. hello there... i am currently banned! i dont know how i got banned... its an IP ban. i swear i didnt do anything to deserve such ban. i was able to post this because i stumbleuponed upon a unblocker. please mods could you resolve this... thanks!!
  8. try the tweaks but dont use the proxy... hehehe...
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