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  1. RogerMaise

    The Pet Photos Thread

    Hello, everyone! I’ve created this thread for us to discuss the four-legged companions in our lives, our pets. Aside from my kids, there is another small creature putting a smile on my face, our Pomeranian, Jack. He loves to play with my kids, follow my wife around the house, urging for a cuddle, hang out in his own dog kennel, and even hitch a ride on our family road trips. He’s been with us for many years and has really grown to be a part of our family. How about you, fellas? What are your furry friends?
  2. RogerMaise


    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully, things would be better in the "land down under."
  3. RogerMaise

    Hello from England

    Welcome aboard!
  4. RogerMaise

    Hello all Hughes Net users

    Hmm, Roblox may be "too optimized," well enough to survive multiple devices connected within a single WiFi connection.
  5. RogerMaise


    Welcome to the forum! Cheers!
  6. RogerMaise

    Hello all Hughes Net users

    "Being new to the website I read more than just a few comments about Hughes Net and their service and most of them seem to follow this trend." Same here, man. Same here.
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