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  1. Thanks for the nice welcome! Karl
  2. Sattelite killers man I could not watch the movie cause it is located on Windows Media player and it takes hours to laod on mine. I go try to find it on youtube! Karl
  3. Funny, at first since this is not in the off topic forum I thought it was stupid but then I started lol...
  4. No! I won't do it if it is a very reliable place and secure. Defintely not from ebay if I don't want crap. Karl
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum. Can anyone kindly and briefly explain what this means: "php 98d 23h 23m Aggr3 73d 3h 0m tommie gorman 72d 15h 15m coknuck 54d 13h 10m cholla 52d 23h 11m dlewis23 52d 31m tdawnaz 44d 9h 1m VanBuren 39d 8h 50m ROM-DOS 34d 8h 53m waterRTBH 27d 20h 29m" php seems to be website building and coding. What about tdawnaz for example? I really need to get it cause I can't. Karl
  6. Who is Water? Sorry but I never heard of a the name Water?! What am I missing? My life? Now I am confused. Karl
  7. Hi, The highest age group are young people ... mmm... I always though that 20-30 are the ones that use the Internet. Karl
  8. I would use another computer, or go to an Internet Cafe if that exists where you are if you really need to use a PC right now! When I trouble with slow internet connection that comes from the ISP end I had nothing else to do. Karl
  9. Weird noise in the fan is because the fan needs to be changed or cleaned. At least you can fix that problem of noise which I had too. I know it is annoying. Fan accumlates dust with time. Karl
  10. Slow connection on your computer! That happened to me. I connected my ISP which is not verizon but they provided support. It usually is a temporary problem from my ISP. All users get infected usually whent they are doing maintanance on their servers. Karl
  11. I don't think that is spyware! Spyware does not do silly things:) I would right click on desktop select properties and change screen resolution. Karl
  12. The escape key won't always kill that find toolbar. If you have multiple tabs opened in Mozilla and you switch to another tab the only two methods to close the search bar is either clicking on the red x or clicking in the find box and hitting the esc key! hehe
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