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  1. I got started up my computer a few minutes ago and the temps are around 35c which is pretty good, but as soon as i do something it jumps to 38-39c, but i guess thats not to bad either. I've also ran AMD overdrive stability test and it never got past 50c. These are on defualt settings. 

    I guess over all its doing a pretty good job, but you can never be to cautious.

  2. I've had my zune HD(32gig) now for a month or two. I agree with you on most of the stuff, mostly the web browser. But i didn't buy it for that. I bought it for the music and video capabilties of it and mostly because of the OLED screen.

    The HD radio is really nice. But i do not have any HD radio stations around me so I can't comment on that.

    I did alot of research before buying it. I'm glad I went for the Zune instead of the ipod touch witch was my other option.

    If you want to listen to music and watch video the Zune HD is great, but if you want something for all the other crap like web browsing and the applications the ipod touch would be a good option.

  3. Couple quick questions for you.

    Do you have a well for water supply ?

    If so, what does the copper in the house look like, is it dark?

    Yeah i do use a well for my water supply. as for the copper i dont know, i dont really have much copper in the house.

    What does this have to do with anything?

  4. Thx for the help, but i got it to work. I connected a old crappy PSU to my MB and started it up, and then i reconnected my PSU to it again and it worked. It must of been some kind of connection issue. Oh well, I don't care why it happened, i just care thats its working again. This computer is damn near brand new and i didn't want to start buying new hardware for it.

  5. Well, my computer won't work again.

    I tried installing a old hard drive out of my parents computer, to see if it still works and to try and get some stuff off it. Well, I connected it and my windows 7 would not load. So i disconnected it,  and now nothing loads. all i get is a black screen. I cant even get to the Bios. Everything sounds like its running but nothing shows up.

    If you can remember, about 6 months ago I had this same exact thing happen to me. And i had to replace my PSU and MB to get it to work.

    I most ironic thing about this is before i started messing with my computer. I was a little hesitate about doing anything to my computer on the odd chance something goes wrong. well I should have gone with my gut on this one.

  6. I'm just wondering what the usual drop off rate in speeds between peak time and off time. During the mornings and afternoons I usually get my full 2 meg service. but then around 5-10pm, I barely get .5 megs. That's not fast enough to do anything with.  I know theirs gonna be a speed difference, but getting only 25% of what i should be getting just doesn't seem right.

  7. For some reason i think my core speed was set really low at around 800Mhz and now its at 3200Mhz.  That was really the only thing i could find. I just ran another 3dmark06 test and scored 11454. Thats the best i've ever ran it.  I don't know what i did exactly, i downloaded a couple of things, and that must of worked.

  8. this is what it should look like. I downloaded AMD Overdrive and started playing around with it. i cranked it up to level 10 and this is what i got.

    I don't know what is different, im going to search around a little more. I'll post some screen shots to so you guys can take a look at it.

  9. well i updated my bios, i dont know what it was before, but i did it anyway. nothing changed. I think maybe these tests are incorrect, because everything else seems to be working just fine. Everything i do is really fast, everything says its working theirs nothing out of the ordinary.

  10. Well, im running the 64 bit version of windows 7. I've also ran 3dmark vintage a couple of time and my scores on that were really low in the mid 2000. Could it be that something is not running properly,

    This test just does not make any since, people with slower cpu's get a better score than people with faster one. so far the test seem to favor the intel chips.

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