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  1. proxy.smartbro.net proxy.smartwifi.com.ph
  2. look here: http://www.testmy.net/t-18214.msg252236#msg252236 and here: http://www.testmy.net/t-17486.msg247846#msg247846
  3. dude i didn't said that it was you. i just answered your query here
  4. that is possible if you applied for a package that is burstable up to 1mbps or higher like the pldt mydsl plan 999 512kbps up to 1mbps. but in case of smartbro's plan 999 384kbps, two of our friends here does have a speed way above 1mbps. why don't you ask them (correct me if im wrong about your smartbro plan)
  5. this one's like back to topic can't reach this speed w/o proxy. man, smartbro is starting to piss me off and i really hate it when all they can say is "sir can i put you on hold i'll just verify your connection to the base station. (after a minute or two) sir the base station is currently experiencing technical problems. sorry for the inconvenience, our engineers are doing their very best to fix this problem blah blah blah please monitor your connection blah blah blah"
  6. dude, it's OKAY even if your english is bad as long as everybody can at least understand what you're saying.
  7. always keep in mind that these tweaks MAY or MAY NOT work for you. try experimenting on the cablenut values.PATIENCE is the key in tweaking. you won't see the effects in an instant, but eventually you'll see Off Topic: please always be reminded of the forum rules (this is an international forum so always speak in english. momma t is right when she said that you'll miss tips from other members here who doesn't understand our native language)
  8. i already fixed this problem long ago. i used spybot S&D and it found a dialer on my pc. but what you have just said maybe right. @mods: may i request to close this topic? thanks! (hello to momma t )
  9. tweaks: tcpoptimizer, proxy.smartwifi.com.ph what's up with smartbro lately? all smartbro subscribers here in our place lost connection last thursday. i can't do anything and then i tried to use proxy and poof i can browse the net again but still can't play online games even yahoo messenger. just pure internet browsing. tried smartbro csr *1888 and there's no response like are they something that they even closed their hotline *1888? i don't have a landline here so i dunno if the other hotline is accessible
  10. OT: did someone got banned again? sorry for my post. i've been busy for a while (currently into networking) btw hello to momma t another OT: ohh my, there's a new "apple of the eye" for my friends here
  11. openDNS http://www.opendns.com/how/dns/turning-names-into-numbers smartbro proxies http://www.testmy.net/t-20731
  12. time: 12:52AM Tweaks: TCPOptimizer (optimal settings, slider set to 1000Kbps+), proxy.smartbro.net, openDNS look at the programs running on my pc when i took the test. edit: wahh the screenshot of my desktop is too large! (2mb)
  13. time: 12.27am tweaks: tcpoptimizer(optimal settings, slider set at 700kbps something), opendns, proxy.smartbro.net port 8080 no more problems during peak hours. speed is at 350-410kbps
  14. am i dreaming or what? maybe it's because its 12.12am
  15. the day after they installed my smartbro (i applied last oct 25 and got it installed the next day oct 26). actually, they had a hard time getting my connection up and running. i am 1400+ feet away from the AP. i do receive a good speed but because of the "on and off" situation i can't enjoy it. sometimes i dont even have a connection for the whole day
  16. i always ping my canopy using ping -t to monitor if my connection will be disconnected. sometimes there is a response, then i'll get disconnected and see a lot of request timed out and sometimes i get this response destination host unreachable and there is a limited connectivity icon on my local area connection
  17. now we have a proof. their technicians are incompetent. i also went to the smart wireless center last friday and complained about my "on and off" connection and i told them that i wanted my internet to be disconnected. they said that my request is not that easy to process because of the lock in period and instead they will call me on my free time to troubleshoot my connection so that they could decide whether to give me the disconnection w/o paying the remaining 11 months. i told them to call me from 8pm to 12pm but no one from smart even bothered to call. then the next day, i called them again (9pm), the CSR told me that my phone is turned off but it is not and my phone is fully charged. then i asked him the number they are trying to call and gave me a correct number. then i told them that i'll give another number so that they could call me right away. the CSR put me on hold and after a minute the line was cut off. and i called again and told them my story all over again. the CSR gave me all the service reference number of all my complaints and advised me to follow up that SR #'s to the wireless center. i was there again just a while ago and was scheduled AGAIN for another call. someone from smart called me and asked me the ip address and the physical address and told me that i am not receiving a good signal w/ the basestation and scheduled a field visit tomorrow afternoon. and i just asked myself, "my god, is that troubleshooting??"
  18. Decrease system loading time by changing network settings When you start up your computer and you are connected to a LAN and your computer is set to DHCP and your computer has to search for the DHCP server and then request and IP address and all other configuration. This process takes up some time and slows down the time it takes to boot the computer up. Following the directions below will help your set a static IP address. Even if your ISP says to use DHCP this tweak may still work for you, but you are warnned! 1. Click Start and click on Run. 2. Type command in the text box and click OK. 3. In DOS, type ipconfig and hit enter. 4. This will show you your current IPs that your NIC and PPPoE adapters have. Only pay attention to your Ethernet Card Adapter, not to the PPP adapter. 5. Next, right click My Network Places and select Properties from the drop down menu. This will open up the Network Connections window. In here, locate your Local Area Network connection and right click it, select Properties from the drop down menu. 6. When the next Window that opens up, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties at the bottom. 7. In the next window, click 'Use the following IP Address'. This is where that DOS window comes in handy. Copy the same exact IP Address from your Ethernet card (in the dos window) and place it where it says IP Address. Same goes for the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. If your Default Gateway is blank, then just leave it blank. Click Ok, then Ok again. 8. In the DOS window type exit dos then enter. Reboot your machine. Now there is absolutely NO loading. You can connect as soon as you see your desktop. Quick Note: If you use DHCP (Dynamic IP Address) to connect to the net, you may find that your net connection does not work after this. So if some day your network connection stops working, just go back into the NIC card properties and select automatically get IP address and reboot. taken from: http://www.tweakxp.com/article37065.aspx guys do you think this is safe to do w/ our smartbro? (@ mods: please edit this topic if i had posted a link that should not be posted thanks)
  19. Windows Blinds is required only if you will use the aero theme. i do have one
  20. how i wish that "CREATIVITY" was used not only for publicity but on their "SERVICE"
  21. weird huh? you can apply for an internet connection even inside the taxi only in the philippines (i think)
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