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  1. okay here's the scenario. everytime i boot up my pc, there's no internet connection. i dont know why but im very sure that its not my pc that causes the problem. so every morning (it started after the day my smartbro was installed) calling the CSR became my daily routine. their troubleshooting tips is just plain and simple but you have to wait for about 10mins before they answer your call. i know this is basic troubleshooting but it may save your time calling them since this is the same thing that they will tell you but i will not tell you their favorite line "sorry ma'am/sir, there's a problem with our base station. sorry for the inconvenience. please monitor your connection within 24 hours blah blah and so on and so fort." a. try disabling then enabling your network connection after a few minutes. b. try to unplug and then plug in back your adapter and cable after a few minutes. c. if there's still no connection, try pinging (it "triggers" my connection back) d. in windows vista, there's an option for you to diagnose your network connection for problems and give you options on what you can do like resetting your network adapter (i forgot if this diagnose and repair option if present in windows xp) (this is the part where the CSR did not told me to do of course) e. and if there's still no connection, try to change your AP and then check if you'll get connected and you may change back to the original AP and check also if you'll get connected or else there's a problem with that AP. f. and if there's STILL NO CONNECTION , take a deep breath, and hold it . then pick up your phone, dial *1888, press 4 for technical concerns . then let your emotions burst
  2. sorry i had to translate the following images because some are not in english and that is a violation (thanks to momma t for bringing this topic back ) (here is the translation) Subscribe now to Smart Bro! The Wireless connection that is: 1. Fast 2. Available everywhere 3. Has the widest coverage 4. Installation is hassle-free 5. And it doesn
  3. oh no not that 2-4 Mbps connection we always wanted but this might keep you laughing for minutes sorry if the picture is not clear coz the taxi is moving. edit: to remove image/advert is in language other than english
  4. here's the link but i dont know how to use it http://canopywireless.com/support/software/
  5. from http://canopywireless.com/products/lite/ Easily integrated into your Canopy network, Canopy Lite SMs are highly scaleable. They are available in the 2.4, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.7 GHz frequency bands. In addition, they can be software upgraded via the Prizm element management system to add incremental throughput (to 1, 2, 4 or 7 Mbps) quickly and economically.
  6. i had this kind of problem just a while ago. i had my new smart bro installed to my own pc 2 days ago. i always change ap's because i am near to a base station. after i changed my ap for so many times, i lost my connection (i really did not lost my connection its just that i am connected to an unidentified network and there is an X mark on the status of my connection to the internet and btw i am using windows vista) and called the csr and told me to do the following: (very simple yet sometimes effective) 1. shut down your pc. unplug the adapter of the canopy and its cable on your lan card. 2. wait for about 2 mins or you could skip this part if you want. 3. plug the adapter and the cable back and turn your pc on. 4. wait for the pc to have a connection (the blinking pc's) if this doesn't solve your problem, try pinging because the csr told me to ping after i did the steps he/she told me (sorry i dont know if he's a guy coz he sounds like a gurlaloo ya know) and got back my connection. hope this helps
  7. look at my sig. this is my current speed using coolbuster's cablenut setting on his blog. thanks dude
  8. My research (sorry kung kulang ) Null Hypothesis: The 20 steps to make SmartBro Faster is not effective. Alternative Hypothesis: The 20 steps to make SmartBro Faster is effective. Testing the hypothesis: (did a speed test and recorded it. applied the 20 steps and did another speed test. the speed tests were compared and came up with the conclusion) conclusion: if the 20 steps worked, then good for you. if not, fine. try another tweaks that will benefit you. thats all. do i need to say more?
  9. possible answer : there are too much users on that ap
  10. on topic can somebody explain this to me? i get this message every time i use the command ipconfig /release (a limited or no connection message pops out) and then ipconfig /renew (a duplicate name exist on the network pops out with an exclamation point icon on the systray) and my network connection is named local area connection 2. this problem started when i brought my cpu to a pc express branch in caloocan to replace my casing. can you explain this to me? sorry if i cant reply immediately to your post but i will reply as soon as possible. thanks
  11. i can't access my canopy directly but i have to wait for the canopy to refresh its page until it shows my own configuration page (very tiring, requires a lot of patience) btw here is my highest score as of today
  12. we got the same problem dude. i applied to smart bro for the purpose of my online enrollment every semester. but WTF! when they installed it, i cant access the website and the technicians dont even know what to say to me! then i called the cust service and adviced me to use a proxy like kproxy.com but the problem is, i cant access it everytime with kproxy.com because their server is sometimes overloaded. so i have to rent in a shop near us everytime i enroll online
  13. Forgot to mention that i am using AnalogX NetStat Live for monitoring my connection speed. It shows that i am having a connection between 400 to 600 Kbps but sometimes it tells me that i am running on 1000 to 3000 Kbps (rarely) but goes back again to my normal speed of 400+. Do you think that this program is accurate in giving these readings of my connection speed? Look at my previous speed test, i believe that it does match with the readings of NetStat Live. I want to hear your opinions about this program.
  14. guys do you think that cable nut will work on windows vista ultimate? and oh btw my speed is back (on my pc: windows xp). even though i cannot access my canopy properly coz it displays OTHERS ACCOUNT INFO INSTEAD OF MINE
  15. tell me how can i restore the canopy
  16. i cant properly access my canopy. whenever i access it, others account information is displayed instead of mine.
  17. ohh so it is ok to have that lan status? because before when my lan status is 100Mbps, my connection speed never drops from 400Kbps. but when it was changed (i dont know how but i remembered using that QuickFix thingy) my speed never reached even 100 Kbps. anyway thanks to all your suggestions and efforts jun101ph and coolbuster2007
  18. i tried it and i lost my connection totally. and there is an X mark on the icon of the lan connection and it says network cable unplugged
  19. this is all i can see in the advance tab of my lan card. ADMtek AN983 10/100 PCI Adapter Properties (Advance Tab) property: Media Type value: Auto sense 100 Base TX 100 Base TX Full_Duplex 10Base T 10Base T Full_Duplex
  20. where can i find it? is it in the network connections? thanks for the help
  21. can you tell me how can i bring back my lan status to 100Mbps? i was a victim too! i cant access my canopy page very well but when im able to, it does not display my account info but instead it displays OTHERS ACCOUNT INFO and by the way my speed after this incident is REALLY PISSING ME OFF!! from 400+ to 20Kbps!
  22. here we go again ! this connection makes me go nuts!!
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