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  1. i hate your speed! hehehehehe... <--- jealous...
  2. oooh... so they can downgrade it if you want?
  3. downgrading of canopy software??? what does that do? please enlighten me... hehe
  4. tweak the ap? i don't get it...
  5. i have nice download speed tonight... check it out!
  6. nevermind... i got it... coolbuster, can you post your bdp limit please? just wanna compare
  7. i went to speedguide.net and i have a question
  8. i wanna be you marketing manager... hehehe
  9. i'm frustrated... can't reach the speed in my sig for 3 weeks now... wonder why...
  10. didn't work... it went back to 10mbps... could it be a base station problem?
  11. yeah i know that... it keeps coming back to 10mbps after i turn of my PC for a while... not just mine but also the other smart bro subscribers here in valenzuela-bulacan area...
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