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  1. unfortunately I need to revive instead of destroy if I can. If i can edit the boot.ini file to turn off the safe mode switch from the recovery console i think i should be good. i can get into the console and view the boot.ini file, i just cannot find a way to actually edit the thing. never used DOS
  2. the only thing i can think of doing is trying to edit boot.ini to switch off safe mode from the recovery console. i found these instructions - From the command prompt type "edit boot.ini" (THIS COMMAND IS INVALID FOR ME, DOES ANYONE KNOW THE PROPER EDITBOOT.INI COMMAND?) and press enter. This will take you into the editor for the boot.ini. Below is a print out of boot.ini with Safe Mode and without Safe Mode switch. Boot.ini with Safe Mode switch [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /safeboot:minimal Boot.ini without Safe Mode switch [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
  3. thanks for your reply MUD. EDIT: I tried it today and it detected the OS. However, it did not solve the problem of turning off Safe Mode. It's still in a vicious cycle of attempting to finalize the Windows Repair upon booting, but restarts because it's stuck in safe mode. I have no idea how to get around this.. would loading up Linux help me at this point? I would need instructions on what to do from there. Thanks! -Adam
  4. I went ahead and ran FIXMBR from the recovery console, says it was successful... but now the xp disc cannot find a previous installation of windows to repair, and it is telling me the install CD is not recognized. It is a full windows xp install CD, and before i ran the FIXMBR it did recognize it. Is there anything I can do to continue with a repair?
  5. thanks for your replies! In fact I do have the windows xp disc, that's what I was using to repair with. I will try the FIXMBR from the recovery console first, that sounds safer.
  6. Thanks mud! Google says that is a main boot record... is this something I can attempt with a tutorial or should I pay someone else to do it?
  7. Hello all, I am repairing a PC for someone, it had some missing system files so I initiated the windows xp installation/repair with their CD. It works like a charm until it goes into windows, but it cannot finish because windows is stuck in safe mode. so it reboots itself and goes back into the setup, which is in safe mode and cannot finish. I can no longer boot windows in safe mode because the repair needs to finish. Any ideas? Thanks, Adam
  8. thanks mud i'll check them out. i'm not sure if this is graphic card driver related since i know the nvidia ones are all up to date, but the computer is still not as responsive as it should be and it takes forever to shut down sometimes. it's hard to explain, but it runs things a lot faster, photoshop can handle way bigger files now and doesn't lag with the larger brushes, but the computer in general when i right click something or load up a program it takes longer than it did before to start it up, which is not right. oh i just have to add that if i leave the computer a half hour or an hour to start up and load everything, after that it runs fast as hell. but i have deleted and taken everything i can from the startup. the GPU program works great. my graphic card is idling at 46c
  9. not sure what an omega driver is, but it seems to be working OK as far as i can tell. i don't have any way to monitor its temperature, though.
  10. i just want to say if anyone is considering an Asus motherboard, be aware that unless you know what you're doing, the driver installations and downloads are going to be a major pain in the ass. the software they give you is full of glitches, it says i'm updated yet my drivers are from 2006. the website downloads are no better, every single driver comes in a ZIP file with several .EXE's, all of which as far as I could tell just install the ATI catalyst control center. And it couldn't detect anything on my machine and froze up on the install anyway. hopefully with the new nvidia drivers it will speed it up.
  11. thanks man, I'm glad you replied as well since it is still running slower than it used to on an old ass dual core. i went ahead and installed the drivers that came with the CD and windows automatically found the 9800GT drivers, but its still lagging. The Asus CD came with a LOT of drivers and extra software crap I don't want. It could be that I missed something in there when I unchecked most of the garbage installation options, but when I use the CD to "update" it says I'm good to go. However, I had to download the sound driver to enable sound and the asus program did not detect that, so there must be another one I'm missing.
  12. oh good grief! i forgot it even needed a power connector. will try to plug it in and see how that works. thanks mud loL! that did it! yet again the problem was human error.
  13. hi all. i'm trying to replace my old motherboard and cpu but am having some trouble keeping the old graphics card in there. i have a new phenom 2 quad core and m4a88t-v evo motherboard in the case now and it runs fine if i unplug the video card, my old 9800gt which is in working order. it gives me a loud continuous beep if i try to turn the pc on with the graphics card installed. if i put a smaller, less powerful card in the slot then it runs fine. i'm using a 500w power supply...i suspect maybe the system just doesn't have enough juice now?? is there a way to test this without buying a new power supply? another thing is that it runs really really slow. i would think the system would run at a decent speed with the onboard graphics..anyone have an idea why it would be so sluggish? any thoughts and informed opinions are much appreciated -adam
  14. thanks guys! i had another mouse laying around, but it didn't work because its software was not installed. . . i've gotten used to windows downloading the software automatically when it plugs in. anyway, i think the other mouse was slowly dying, its so many years old and got a bused alot.
  15. Does anyone know what would cause a USB mouse to stop working on a laptop? I have tested the mouse on my PC, and it seems to work fine. I have tested other USB devices on the laptop, and they work except for another USB mouse. I ended up reformatting the laptop because it was over due anyway, and the mouse worked for a few hours and then stopped again. something to keep in mind is that the touch pad that is part of the laptop stopped working a few years back. I'm guessing some piece of hard ware is dying just like the touch pad did, but I don't know what it could be and how to find out. Any ideas?
  16. it took me a while to find a usb> ps2 adapter. i ended up having to buy a mouse that came with one then return it.
  17. i found the floppy option and disabled it. it seemed to boot up after that without a hitch. thanks guys!
  18. i tried disabling that a long time ago but it didnt fix the problem. i'll try again once i find an adapter. i'm the local post teen geek does anyone know of a way to enable a wireless USB keyboard for the bios? i suppose ill try plugging the wireless connector in via the ps2 adapter and see if it works. thanks!
  19. all i know is it says press f1 to continue after it checks the hard drives and such before it will load up the OS, it tells me it failed to load the floppy drive, then press f1 to continue. i don't even have a floppy drive
  20. Hello everyone, Every time my comp. boots up i have to press F1 to continue before the OS loads up. It's been like that since i built it, and it's getting really annoying since I have a wireless keyboard that isn't recognized until the OS loads up. Lately even my regular USB keyboard isn't able to press F1 to boot up. I'm going to try and hook it up with a PS2 adapter, but I'd really like to just skip the whole F1 process if I can.
  21. when i right click on the headphones, the option to set as default is grayed out. in addition, when i go into the headphone drivers, the option to update is also grayed out
  22. anyone else have an issue with vista 64 home premium not recognizing when the headphones are plugged in? the headphones are fully functional since they work on everything else, and the jack was O.K. until i installed vista. It just says that there's nothing plugged in the headphone slot. I even tried every other jack just in case with no luck.
  23. Zombie Detection System: Reported as clean. (0.00% is ham (g:0.00 b:0.00)(Not enought info)) IP Reputation info: Reference-ID: 0001.0A0B0301.49984723.0045 IP Classification: T4 (Low volume, High risk)
  24. coknuck- i ran the scan, thanks! it didn't turn up anything
  25. im scoping out the drivers, some of them are from as early as 2001, i should just find the manufacturer website and get updates is what your saying?
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