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  1. I'm not taking it seriously Don't worry, I won't get in any trouble
  2. Please go to your canopy page and go to Tools -> AP Evaluation. Click Rescan APs about 5 times then on top you'll see something like Current Entry Index: 0 Check that and copy the corresponding AP Stats then post here so we can take a look
  3. Woah! That was fast! When are you gonna release that FDC? I am going back to the US this spring
  4. On a negative side, PRIZM consumes a lot of processor time and memory. I hate it when that happens. I will install it on my desktop and see what happens I cannot have that memory hog application in my notebook.. it'll kill me LOL.
  5. It could burst above the 384kbps cap but since that's the advertised speed, don't expect way more than that Also, Welcome to TMN
  6. Unfortunately, I need the Eval License from Motorola. I already requested one but no reply yet maybe because it's a weekend. Tha's all I need and everything's setup. I got Prizm 3.0 and License Manager Installed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to play with it
  7. Cool! Can't wait for that FDC. Hope I am still in the Philippines when you release that
  8. That's pretty ok with Smart Bro. Remember their advertised speed is 384kbps. You're one of the lucky Smart Bro subscribers to get the "RIGHT" speed. If you want a whoping megabits per second speed then I suggest you get a DSL connection. And btw, please always post in english so we can help you out
  9. Try changing to the AP with the best statistics like low Jitter, High Power Level ( the closer the number to 0, the better) and High RSSI. To change APs, follow EntremFusion's steps on how to check for available APs then take note of the ColorCode. Go to Configuration then RADIO tab. Change your color code, save changes then reboot. And BTW, you said 20 - 30kB/s, are you trying to say kilobits or kilobytes coz if it's kilobytes, 20-30 sounds normal to most Smart Bro users. That'll be around 240 kilobits per second.
  10. How the hell did you guys get those speeds?? Share it! Come on! LOL
  11. I strongly suggest you get rid of Windows ME (Means Evil).
  12. Did you change your TCP/IP settings on your network connection before you accessed your Canopy Web Page? If so, change it back to Obtain an IP Automatically, same with DNS. That way you'll get an IP Address from the Access Point. Most of the time the DHCP Server IP is
  13. I am wondering if those 12000+ speeds are real. Guys, is it consistent? Like you get those speed say 5 consecutive bandwidth tests?
  14. Oh...globequest...is it consistent at that speed? Maybe just a data surge?
  15. There's a setting for the modem on the max speed I believe and if you set it to 100+ then when you're connected, the system tray icon will say connected at 100+ kbps. It isn't true. Even if it say that speed, you're really not getting that.
  16. Yeah, that's fast. I remember my dialup days, I only get 33.6kbps max. Even in the US before, that's the max speed I get with Earthlink and AOL. With OpenDNS, I don't know...maybe it's just me or something. It doesn't seem to help at all...
  17. Yup, I know all that Oh well, I am 0.45miles away from the base station. Sometimes connecting to the AP via telnet and resetting it works
  18. What happened to your connection now? Is it fixed? Better switch to AT&T
  19. I am gettin very good RSSI at more than 1000 sometimes 2000 but still the speed isn't good enough. It ain't consistent. Sometimes it's more than 300+ but most of the time it's below that. Sheeez.. I have to find a way to solve this.
  20. Don't the game have a settings panel for the resolution? Most game has.
  21. I am now finding a way to change that bandwidth capping Smart's doing We should make the best out of Canopy's capacity
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