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  1. PLDT's advertised speed = 386Kbps still not enough... tried all possible tweaks from this forum... can any one help me make the speed better???
  2. before updating using drtcp after using dr tcp after tweaking using VanBuren's cablenut tweaks...
  3. i just tried tweaking using dr tcp but there is no significant change... my internet speed is still the same... i'll post the results as soon as i get home...
  4. i need to reformat my system so that i can check again the speed settings... my problem is with my IE, running very slow and lags... anyone can help me with that?
  5. i prefer smart bro... i never had problems with the connection since it was installed...
  6. finally! i''m logged in... thanks for making me remember my account...
  7. wow man... how do you do it? i've tried everything... im still around 350-500 kbps
  8. sir, may i ask how you got that kind of speed? i want to get that connection myself...
  9. this forum is so interesting that i couldn't help myself to sign in... hoping to be able to help and be helped...
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