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  1. jchen

    Windows Vista

    I have Vista Home Premium. But I don't have that Appearance thing (Graphite)
  2. jchen

    Windows Vista

    I did that! It's not in there, okay? I know a lot about my computer, especially the Personalization part. But I don't have the Graphite.
  3. jchen

    Windows Vista

    I have none of those. I only have these: *Windows Vista Basic *Windows Standard *Windows Classic *High Contrast Black *High Contrast White *High Contrast #1 *High Contrast #2 That's it.
  4. jchen

    Windows Vista

    I did what you said and went to the Windows Appearance. It's not there. I don't have it
  5. jchen

    Windows Vista

    Graphite isn't in there. I don't have it
  6. jchen

    Game won't start

    it's called Typer Shark. I believe the system is Pop Cap.
  7. when you download it do all your information stored in your computer disappear??
  8. jchen

    Windows Vista

    yeah but school's is black and mine is what that is.
  9. I am confused at what I should do. Anyways, I don't want to give away my location. Not safe
  10. jchen

    Windows Vista

    School - Windows Vista, Business Home - Windows Vista Home Premium. I am frustrated at how the school's top of the internet screen (has the e in front of the subject thing and after it, it says Windows Internet Explorer) is clear and cool and better than my laptop's. Do you understand? If you do I will explain furthur...It's really hard to explain. But I wish my laptop was like my school's!!!!!
  11. jchen

    Game won't start

    I downloaded a game but when I tried to play it, it won't start.
  12. jchen


    Whenever I go on this website (I don't want to tell the name of it) a warning pops up saying that the "script" has stopped working or something like that and if it continues Windows may become unresponsive. I always click Yes but it keeps on coming back. Sometimes it doesn't appear but it's appearing a lot lately. What does it mean??
  13. hi welcome you're new like me lol
  14. I already know that Rhode Island is not part of Long Island and welcome. I am new too :]
  15. oh well I have Windows Vista too. I think it's IE7. I don't know
  16. How can you have all 8? I am confused, I only have one, and it's Internet Explorer. I tried Firefox and I really hate it I have IE 7 (I think). I don't know
  17. wow you are around my age
  18. jchen


    I am still a
  19. Wait, how can you have TWO options??? I am confused
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