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  1. netmasta's in hiding... I can smell it! and go coknuck! =) As to where I've been, I've been addicted to a game called Endless Ages for the past year or so, which was bought by Rapid Reality and shut down last March =| So now, I'm back! i think.
  2. Thanks Swimmer =) And hey tdawnaz!! Glad to be back! It's been a long while, definately more than a couple of months =P Any of the old people I used to know still active? like.. Netmasta, cutest, coknuck, and others?
  3. Sooo... is there a way to save batteries//keep the laptop cool while keeping the internet connections running?
  4. Well... On the topic of me knowing nothing... Is there a way to keep internet connections going (both wired and wireless) when the laptop goes into Standby?
  5. Just looked through the manual... Fn + F2 to turn on/off Wireless =p Thanks a lot! I didn't bother reading the manual >.< Guess I should take a peek through it...
  6. ... I feel retarded >< Wireless switch? What wireless switch?
  7. Eh. Couldn't find the modify button so I'll just make another post... I'm pretty sure that the wireless broadcast from the router works, since my other desktop (with a Linksys wireless reciever plugged into it) can detect the broadcast and use it, from over 20 feet away. However, the laptop can't detect the broadcast from less than a foot away from the router.. So I'm thinking something's wrong with the laptop =/ Grr. Oh. And the exact thing is called "Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless Lan Network Adapter", if it helps at all.
  8. I just bought a new laptop yesterday. It uses a REALTEK RTL8185 WLAN utility. For the access point, I'm using a Linksys WRT54G router. I currently have another desktop set up using the wireless connection from the router. However, I cannot get my laptop to detect the wireless broadcast from the router. I've already tried uninstalling the driver for it on my laptop and reinstalling it. Still doesnt work... How can I fix this problem? Thanks.
  9. Testing. Dont Mind Me... -.-
  10. It's not my fault... The pedestrian hit me and went under my car...
  11. hmmm....i usually start with 34... and i can get it down to 17 at most... but then, no printer, etc, etc =P
  12. If they dont, they should -.- It's a classic.
  13. Rofl Netmasta... Never Heard Of StarCraft? Thats Kinda Hard, In My Opinion...
  14. Whoah I haven't played StarCraft in months! -.-
  15. Total Time Spent Online: 22 days, 11 hours and 31 minutes. Total Posts: 158 posts Total Topics Started: 13 topics Number of Polls Created: 0 polls Number of Votes Cast: 18 votes Since When Did I Spend So Much Time On Testmy?
  16. thats weird... i would have thought usernumber was lower than registered number because of deleted accounts and such... oh wells~
  17. 21 more now. Might even make it by tonight! In that case, no-one wins =P But then again, for some people, its already night, or even next morning...
  18. Okies thanks =] I'll try when i get home =]
  19. Yup. Its definately tomorrow or the day after. Only 76 more to go! =]
  20. No idea... It'd be awesome if that speed went throughout the entire school =P And here I was, thinking my schools speeds were nice... =P
  21. At my home computer, im having a trouble with "Virtual Memory", or sumfin like "Page File Usage" Stuffz... Whenever I try to play an in-browser MMORPG, my computer gets laggy, most of my "Page File Usage" gets used up, and occasionally, i get a warning saying "Virtual Memory Low" or sumfin like that... Anything I can do to stop this?
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