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  1. Dont have a site so I figured to check DSLR

    www.broadbandreports.com :

    GOOGLE:9700 links found.

    YAHOO:150000 links found.

    MSN:18418 links found.

    AOL:10 links found.

    ALTAVISTA:149000 links found.

    ALLTHEWEB:145000 links found.

    SYMPATICO:7709 links found.

    COMET:7918 links found.

    TEOMA:90400 links found.

    ASKJEEVES:90400 links found.

    Total: 668555

    Time elapsed: 18

    This is for a search on www.dslreports.com

    GOOGLE:30500 links found.

    YAHOO:145000 links found.

    MSN:33914 links found.

    AOL:0 links found.

    ALTAVISTA:145000 links found.

    ALLTHEWEB:137000 links found.

    SYMPATICO:12306 links found.

    COMET:14005 links found.

    TEOMA:89400 links found.

    ASKJEEVES:89400 links found.

    Total: 696525

    Time elapsed: 19

    both are the same site, with www.dslreports.com redirecting to broadbandreports.com. Just thought it interesting that one would get more than the other.

  2. We've been here a lot longer than you... We know a cached test when we see one, No matter how you do it, why you do it, or anything. Its still a cached test and we know that. So try and fool someone else next time.

    okay okay im pretty sure im not the only one But my crazy mexican ass has a pirated cable connetion that does 7 mb/s no problem lol i dont pay a dime!

    Its awsome also got satelite tv and i pay for free PVP woohoo!!

    And I quote Will Ferrell in a Celebrity Jeopardy...."I feel like I want to punch you...."

  3. your routing is horrible. Cox has some network issues.... try unplugging everything for 12-24 hours and getting a new ip. maybe with a new ip you'll be routed differently. And i think their are serious problems with those adresses with high pings. I have one bad router on my route, yet it only effects my conneciton when their are direct IMCP Echo packets sent.

  4. American or Foreign. If you want just overall fastest.... probably VanBuren's host Bredband Global Fiber. They offer residential internet services of 100Mbps both ways for about 75 Bucks a month(USD). And locally here in the states, without a doubt Verizon FiOS for residential service. 45 Bucks a month for a 15/2 Connection :D

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