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  1. If FiOS is available to you, then yes, it would make the most sense since its ina  Fiber Connection. The only other company who is running direct FTTH and not capping @ 5Mbps(*cough* qwest *cough*) is Surewest who offer a 20/20 fiber service. But i see your in NY so FiOS would be best for you, unless you live in one of the Cable Vision's trial areas where they are testing 20/2.

  2. Ok guys let me see what I can do for you DaBadGuy(Welcome to the forum!)

    St3laras, you should of read his post more thoroughly,  it says run the Antivirus and Antispyware programs all the time.

    Anyway DaBadGuy,

    First of all, you have Pacbell, not verizon, unless your connecting to your connection through a wireless router THEN it maybe a case of that your wireless router is connected to another's network which is why you have bad speeds.

    But other than that one check out this topic here: http://www.testmy.net/forum/topic-2097.0 <== The best topic on this forum :D

    Enjoy your stay!

  3. Thats for the advice guys. I will def. take a camera, no doubt. And Just-, id be glad to be the testmy.net reporter. Free of charge, of course :D. CA3LE, any input on that idea?

    Also, can anyone give me a link to a decent digital camera, I don't care where its at(i mean online retailor) since ill go look for it on eBay.

    Just as a side note Dilated... i live in PA about a half an hour away from cumberland.

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