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Optimus Keyboard (OLED)


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I've been waiting on this keyboard ever since Summer '05, and now it's finally on it's way come Feb. 1, 2006. This is going to be one hell of a device. I've gotta have one for my next system!

Check out the way the keys change from lower-case to upper-case when shift is pressed, the color graphics, or how the layout changes to Quake when you start that game. :) Amazing!

- Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment. -

Homepage: Optimus Keyboard Has an images link at top.

Interview with designer: PrimoTech/Art. Lebedev

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That is a nice keyboard.. I personally am looking to get a logitech G15  http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2166,CONTENTID=10717

However, now seeing the photoshop short cuts just appear.. i might want to look into this keyboard instead.. Wonder how much processor power this is going to take to run.

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Do you know how much will it cost?

About a hundred dollars, problably a bit more.

Art. Lebedev gives you an estimated price near the end of the interview.

PT: Any approximations on cost yet?

AL: I can hardly imagine it to be less than $** to $** (USD). Sounds like a lot for a keyboard, but most modern mobile phones cost about that.

However, now seeing the photoshop short cuts just appear.. i might want to look into this keyboard instead.. Wonder how much processor power this is going to take to run.

PT: Will it be wireless, Bluetooth, or USB only?

AL: USB 2.0 for sure

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is that quake keyboard an entirely different keyboard or something that you download and changes the backlight of the keyboard. if you understand what i mean.

The Quake keyboard is built in. Many other games will possibly be included as well. The keys illuminate to display whever app you're using at that very moment. :)

- There will be an SDK and some user "keyboard studio" application which will allow the keyboard to be customized for any mode or application in any way imaginable, from DVORAK to arranging letters in alphabetical order. -

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Another update..


Price and availability

The price of the keyboard is $100 until April 2, 2006. The keyboard will be available for pre-order this week.

After April 2, 2006 the price will be higher.

Keyboards ready for shipment will arrive on May 15.


The more plugins are written, the easier to use and the more practical will be the keyboard. The library of plugins will be opened at our website.

We expect gadget lovers, programmers, people who like new computer accessories, and other enthusiasts to be the first buyers. We believe that by the end of summer a sufficient number of plugins will be written for Optimus Configurator, so that the keyboard can be presented to designers, traders, cutters, photographers, and kids.

Optimus Configurator

Optimus Configurator automatically recognizes the application and uploads images and commands for the current context.

Optimus Configurator will be written for MacOS and Linux shortly after Windows. We are working on the Windows version.


Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in our screens last for 5000 hours of continuous use. The screen saving mode is designed to extend the keyboard

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