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DVD + R or -R?


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I want to backup my DVD, and was wondering after i use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink, will I need to burn it onto a DVD -R or could my +R discs work?


If you plan on viewing these backup DVD's on your DVD player for your TV, check the manual for the player to see what is compatible.


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Thats only half true,, If you have a non encrypted Dvd Nero Will Always Backup a dvd, but if it;s encrypted Like the new ones on a shelf in ur local walmart, Nero refuses to copy the disk,, thats what we use Shrink and Decrypter for unless you have a modded version of Nero,, well my hat tips off to you then!

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The safest bet is to use a -R since most older players only support -R and newer players support both, that way your dvd should play in any DVD player. I would also suggest getting a decent brand of DVD -R media. I have been burning DVD's for over 3 years and have found BeAll media to be the best for me. never had any coasters or bad burns. It's also reasonably priced at about $32.00 for 100 Pk 16x DVD -R Media

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The PS2 will only play DVDs, not DVD-R or DVD+R; if you have another DVD player you might want to check it’s specifications on which format it will read, most likely DVD-R.

I had (i returned it) a new HP Desktop (Dual Core 3800+).  Anyways I burned a dvd using it on a dvd-r and it worked in my ps2...

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