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My big screen TV just died  :( went to all red screen then shut down. I had to go to a small TV till I get it fixed.  :( If not then I have to buy a new one. I hope not.  :angry5:

It is a 50 in. Projection Screen by Toshiba It has been a real good while it lasted.

I bought it a Sam's Club. I bought another and I didn't like it because I couldn't sit close to it with out it being blury, so I took it back and got the Toshiba.

I hope it don't cost to much to fix it.

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Got my Big Screen fixed and it is back in the shop again.  :(

They replaced the red and blue picture tubes and called me and said it was ready to be picked up. Brought it home and set it up and the red and blue drivers were working to hard, couldn't keep the contrast even. So like I said it is back in the shop. They said when they started to work on it the green picture tube went out. :( They told me that they had to order one for it. They also said that this is on them I don't have to pay anything this time.  :D Thats Kool.  :D I like that. NO BUCKS  :lol:

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I Hate to be you.... I had a similar problem with my old camcoder' It spent more time on the shop than with me taping precious moments of the family' Until i made them replace it as it was policy that after 3 repairs within one year they would replace it and they did.... But your TV seams to like the shop and im sorry for you cause its not going to stop.... They made you feel better cause they are not charging you but lets hope that they fix it cause it seems that your TV has bad luck or simply they are just bad techs as the geek squad techs...

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