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  1. yes but when u go to format it sees those bad parts.. just buy a new hd thas the problem
  2. lol i do that just to piss him off its funny
  3. lol come on u cant be serious google is god
  4. oh hahah guess i shoulda read first then. thnks man
  5. why is the udp always faster than the tcp?
  6. u shoulda really consulted google before you double posted he would have advised you not to!
  7. ahha good idea .. thnks for keep a light mind about all this unlike SOME PEOPLE once again thnks man
  8. like i said i dont care if i get banned
  9. but seriously though.. just drop it we dont need anymore replys to this thread
  10. dunno the mod who banned me the last time.. i had over 1k posts.. he was an ass and so full of him self i wont mention who he is but most of the mods on this site arent full of themselves but there are some though
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