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XP Start up


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I was wondering if anyone knows the name of a program that I'am pretty sure is made by microsoft that is supposed to speed up the boot up time on XP. I had to reformat and now when i get to the blue Welcome screen it pauses for about 12 seconds then logs me in. The Hard drive isnt even working when it pauses there. If you know what the name of this app is or have any other recomendations let me know. I have already defraged with diskkepper 10 and did anti virus/spyware scans.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the head up on bootvis, brock01, I have been using ver, 1.0.01 for a few years, no longer available from MS,

It shaves off about 5 seconds on my start up of 35 seconds,

but I have a lot of progs, in my startup folder, :shock:

I just updated bootvis to the latest ver.

I clear out my prefetch folder from time to time (monthly )

and use super prefetch in the registry,

so around 30 sec. is OK by me, as I used to run win 3.1 back in 97,

I could make a coffee and cook lunch while it booted up ,LOL  :)

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Hi Sean5900xt

Yeah I get a pause, for about 2 seconds, I have been told

it could be loading my video card adapter (nvidia ) or a bad driver,

way back on win ME, i got a pause of around 15 seconds,

I updated my vid adapter, and that cured it I think bootvis only lays out existing drivers etc. in a more logical sequence , but will not cure a problem,

Can anyone explain the boot sequence in words of simple English

for a newbie, Just the basics coz I have simple mind !!!

anyone running Bootskin ? 

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