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I have a used computer from a friend and im trying to reinstall windows xp on it so i can delete the whole drive and intall a clean widows xp on it... i loaded my windows xp cd into the computer, and i selected i wanted a clean intallation of windows..{delteting evertyhing on the hardrives},

when the computer restarts i go trough the following options :

Windows Setup

- i pick to to set up windows XP now...so i press Enter

- i get to the screen with the option to repair {R} or fresh copy of XP {ESC}....i press ESC

- now it tells me to pick where i want to install xp....so i press D to delete the selected partion... i press D

  ***HERE IS MY PROBLEM***...it tells me that setup is unable to perform the requested operation on the selected partiton. This partition contains temporary setup files that are required to complete the intstallation...to continiue press enter and it takes me back to the previous options..

any help would be appreciated..


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Like Dlewis said...forget all that win 98 boot disk stuff.  Put the XP disk in, reboot the computer.  You may have to set the BIOS to boot to the CD-ROM drive first.  After you do that, when the computer reboots a thing will come up asking if you want to boot to the CD-ROM and it will give you about 4 seconds to it; press any key to boot to cd....after that then complete the setup like normal.

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