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copying protected dvd's


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ok, thanks.

is there good websites that tell you how to use these softwares.

also how do i create back-ups of my orignal pc games.

for example my halo cd is copy- protected, how do i make a copy of it and which is the best software to use.


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hey all :D

can any one tell how to make back-up copy's of my DVD's which are copy protected. :whaa:

what is the best software to do this.

Thanks  ;)

Personally, I like the combination of AnyDVD/CloneDVD. Here: SlySoft You don't truely need CloneDVD as any dvd writing software will not see the protection once AnyDVD is installed. :)

Check out this very interesting thread from a few years back (Here) which started out with a simple question, but ended up drawing the attention of...

Olli (Original author of CloneCD and CloneDVD Author),

Fengtao (DVDidle Author), and

LIGHTNING UK! (Author of DVD Decrypter)

These three guys have top programs on the market for backing up/cloning your DVD/CD's, and you really get a feel for what each program can do. Insight is also given on why Adaptec ASPI "sucks", in the words of Olli.

Although I have been using AnyDVD for years now (still have my Elaborate Bytes versions from back in the day), this thread further confirmed my reasons of sticking with the software. It's simply great!

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does this also allow u to copy pc games of cd's.

Thanks again for this recommendation

Yes, if you want to preserve your original copy of the game, Clone CD will make a backup copy of it.

Between Starforce, Securom, and Safedisc copy protections, you may not be able to play the game with the backup disc although it will install just fine. The original disc may be required.

However, there are programs out there which allow you to play the games without the actual cd being inserted, hence, solving that problem. Legitimate, gaming applications (excluding No-CD patches).

Here's one: Game Jackal 2

Game Jackal

Play all your favorite games without inserting a single cd!

Using your game's original CD or DVD, create a Game Jackal profile that enables you to play your favourite games directly from the hard drive... CD-Free! Once a profile has been created the CD or DVD can then be put away for safe keeping, protecting your gaming investment for years to come and ensuring hunting for and inserting a game

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thanks, i think this will help.

But is there any software that will allow u to copy it from orignal cd to a blank cd.

currently i am low on space on me computer and i would like to create back-up of all my PC games, especially the new ones but these are all copy-protected.

is clone cd the best one or is there a better 1 out there. I have downloded clone cd (Trial version) and i'm very confused on using it  - could anyone help please.


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