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Remote controlled gun.. BIG GUN


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Found this.. the site is currently experiencing the DIGG effect..

Strategy Page columnist James Dunnigan says that CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapons Systems) -- which are big guns manned remotely by someone inside an armored vehicle with a joystick and live cam -- have proved highly successful in Iraq because the soldiers operating them grew up playing (presumably first-person shooter) VIDEO GAMES. Experienced gamers have no difficulty gaining total situational awareness and whipping around the video camera on the guns, spotting hints of trouble and blasting anything that moves. The military is even using the Pentagon's game, "America's Army," to train CROWS gunners. The guns were first deployed in Iraq in January, 2005. Here comes the VIDEO!

From the manufactures website..

Stabilized, Remotely Operated Weapon Systems

ROI designed, developed and produces the stabilized, remotely operated weapon systems (SRWS) to significantly increase the accuracy of a variety of crew-served weapons, but more importantly, to provide under-armor protection for the soldiers operating the weapon. ROI's SRWS provides the capability to remotely aim and fire its crew-served weapon from the security of inside the vehicle. The SRWS is versatile and modular, incorporating the latest technology in stabilized, remotely controlled weapon mounts, optical and thermal sensors, ballistic fire control, lasers and digital video processing capabilities. Its performance and survivability make it one of the most advanced target acquisition and weapon fire control systems available.

SRWS one-shot, one-kill capability multiplies force effectiveness, lowers collateral damage potential, and minimizes logistics resupply requirements in the demanding urban warfare environment found in Iraq and wherever our troops are deployed.

The U.S. Army selected ROI's SRWS for its common remotely operated weapon station (CROWS) program. CROWS has undergone rigorous testing by the Army, and is currently deployed on the battlefields of Iraq, drawing rave reviews from soldiers in the field.

ROI designed the SRWS Lightning as a smaller, light-weight, stabilized, remotely controlled weapon system for use with lighter weapons on smaller vehicles.

Click on the link below to view a video describing our SRWS and showing its capabilities in action.

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good vid... now I am sure Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is kicking themselves right now.. i mean how sweet would it be if they could chill in a car and run this gun..

Ahh, the Dillon mini gun, brings tears to my eyes.......

Did you see the Monster Garage episode on the Discovery Channel where Jesse James got to blow the sh!t out of that car with the mini gun?

Good times.


Found that one on line, too.

I forgot how good it was this video kicks ASS!!!


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